Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Things That Get Me in the Winter Spirit

Yesterday the clock fell back and today the winter chill is starting to bluster in the air
 outside my house. The sky is grey and I am quite ready to embrace the change as we fast approach my favorite season, winter. Yesterday we hung autumn leaves and glowing lights around the table preparing for Thanksgiving and this combined with my most ideal weather brewing outside I have decided to post the 5 things that are getting  me truly indulging in the cozy, beautiful chill of the Winter Spirit.

This body lotion from Lush is lovely as the months get colder, it's sensual smelling perfume is based off the companies Vol. 2 Gorilla Perfume of the same namesake. They blended  Darjeeling Tea, Vanilla Pod and Jasmine Infusion mixed with Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Hemp Oil and these are just a few of the beautiful, beneficial ingredients that make up this (preservative free)  lotion. For me I like this best on my hands, neck, decolletage and forearms. This scent makes me feel warm, cozy, comforted and feminine. I would get this again and just may have to soon as it is a Limited Edition holiday item. This is sold in store and online at for $29.95 in the US and £24.95 in the UK

When the weather changes and I can cozy up with a good book, next to a fire with a soft blanket I am in bookworm heaven. I like the feel of a real book verses reading on my iPad and this may stem from my long held desire to have a library just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast or that when I see the stacks and rows of books that I've already tackled I feel a sense of accomplishment that I don't find on an electronic device. I think of it like collecting records or art, they look pretty and I enjoy it. These books are a few that I want to re-read because I was so wrapped up in the world the authors had created. I highly recommend all of these books, The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion (a book before a movie) and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. All of these books deal with some darker subject matter and pose moral dilemmas which I think is sort of the purpose of books, to put you in situation that you probably or most assuredly haven't been in before and to get yourself asking "What would I do?", so if I can find that, along with characters I can connect with then I am hooked.  All of the books are available on

This is the flavor of the holidays in my opinion. Like the name says this is sweet and spicy and frankly is just the right partner to my book. I've loved this tea for years and it reminds me of being little and having my mom make it for me. You can find this at most Fresh & Easy, Whole Foods or Trader Joe's markets in the US.

No, not boots but my Steve Madden leather, leopard print, studded flats. They make me feel so chic and when it comes to shoes Steve Madden hits the nail on the head. They are well made, fashionable and on trend yet feel as though they have a timelessness to them, even with the studs. They are some of my favorite shoes and are absolute art on my feet. I know these will last and they will be a staple pair for years to come. Now unfortunately these are not from this years collection but it is more Steve Madden shoes over all that I love and this pair happened to be the ones I'm loving now. But just in case you liked these I did see a few pairs on

This is my favorite thing to highlight the tops of my cheekbones with along with putting it on top of eyeshadows. I dab three dots along my cheekbone and blend it in. Now this may be too much glow for some but I like to look like I could be a-top a tree like a Christmas angel at this time of year. Glow, baby. glow! Lorac sells these for $16. and I have been hooked since I got it. They also have a four pack of these 3D Liquid Lustres, it doesn't come with my beloved gold but it does come with some Limited Edition Colors for $28. What a deal! 
So I hope you are enjoying the oncoming winter or whatever weather you are having in your 
corner of the world.
Let me know what gets you in the Holiday and Seasonal spirit and any book recommendations you my have for me. Thank you for reading and please share and follow my blog!
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xoxo, Amanda

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