Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's Talk About Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation 
Phew! I got a bit winded with that very long name. But now on to my thoughts.
There has been much buzz about the fashion (and fragrance) genius Marc Jacobs' new beauty line. Ever since I saw the announcement on Mr. Jacobs' Instagram I was excited to get my hands on anything from the line and yet somehow I just kept forgetting to stop and take a gander at the display. I am embarrassed to admit every trip to Sephora would end with me getting into my car going "Oh my gosh! I forgot again!" it's just there are so many shiny, glossy, colorful things to see and lovely things to smell I would get all caught up.
Not this last trip, oh no! I had a list and needed a new foundation and Marc Jacobs Beauty is what I had to try. I was on a mission...and this mission is complete!
 I got the shade 14 Ivory Medium, the second to lightest shade. 
My first impression in store was that it seemed to disappear into my skin without a trace. A sort of my skin perfected sort of appeal when applied with my finders to the back of my hand. Now I know not everybody likes that look on themselves and if that's you steer clear. 
The packaging is gorgeous, simple, classic and very Marc Jacobs.
The frosted glass bottle feels expensive and priced at $48. I'd say it had better. I was fortunate enough to have planned this shopping trip right when I got a Sephora V.I.B email with a 20% off everything you purchase code! Whoopee!! The silver pump that is revealed under the black glossy lid pumps out just the right amount of product and you can do a little half pump if you need to build a bit more coverage but not a full pumps worth. I feel if I'm going to review a foundation I need a good week or so to spend with it in varied application styles, with and without primer, and with and without powder to be able to say what I really think. I want a fully rounded opinion not just me riding the buzz of a new product. 
My first thought was that it smelt amazing, like if this was a fragrance I would buy it.
It wasn't an overpowering smell, just clean and fresh smelling. It feels not too heavy on my skin and adds a nice lit-from-within glow, but not shimmery or dewy. It stays well without powdering but extra long with. When I first applied my Genius Gel Foundation I was a bit unsure...actually a lot unsure. I applied it on top of my Too Faced Primed & Poreless Oil Free for Sensitive Skin primer and used my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Foundation Brush and things were not going well. I looked streaky and uneven. "Oh no!" I thought "Well this is going back." But I needed to try it a few other ways first. Next came the sponge application with no primer. Well, it absorbed into said sponge and did not look good at all. I was about to throw in the towel when I remembered I had an order with a set of Real Techniques Brushes on it's way. My last hope was the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I got the package in the mail a few days later and had been trying all sorts of ways of applying this much anticipated foundation. From using just my fingers to 3 different primers and I found that my Smashbox Color Correcting Primer and Benefit Porfessional worked much better. Now for the brush of hope...and we have GOLD!! This was the missing piece to my puzzle of love. I don't know why all else failed, but no matter, this is an all around affordable, glorious, perfect brush that has aloud me to see what this foundation can do, like give a beautiful medium coverage that looks light and even once buffed into the skin well. I am quite happy and think that if you're willing to spend a little extra time buffing your face this is a fab product. Now this post has veered into my talking about a different product. Back to the Genius Gel, I am happy with this purchase and would be interested in trying the Marc Jacobs  foundation brushes but am a little held back by their also $48. price tag, especially when my Real Techniques Buffing brush by Samantha Chapman (One half of the amazing Pixiwoo) works so perfectly.
Hope this helps you in your makeup buying ventures and I will most likely be reviewing more Marc Jacobs Beauty. Thanks for reading and please share.
xoxo, Amanda

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