Monday, November 25, 2013

My Christmas Candle

                I went Christmas shopping the other day I stopped by Bath & Body Works to shop 
for some holiday scented candles to fill my house/room with the best of festive scents...and I found this...Mint Chocolate scented candles. My goodness, when I smelt this I just had to have it! Literally my mouth watered! These mason jar candles smell like the Girl Scouts themselve sold them to me outside of a super market along with some Thin Mint Cookies. The vintage look is too cute with a knit-patterned label. I lit one of these bad boys (On sale 2 for $15) while cleaning my room and left it burning in my bathroom, also in my room, for about an hour. When I came back to go to sleep my entire room smelt like a mint-chocolate heaven and I drifted to sleep on a coco cloud. I give this candle two thumbs up and I'm considering getting a few more before they're gone! I think this is a good stocking stuffer idea as it's not too large to fit and is in that great stocking price point. Happy Holiday shopping and be safe out there on Black Friday. 

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