Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Beauty Blessings and New Year's Ramblings

Let me just start by saying this year I was quite blessed. If you read my blog you may notice from this first close up of my Christmas Tree that I have a new camera. I was very blessed to be able to get a Canon Rebel T3i so that I could take my blogging to the next level visually. I wanted sharper images to be able to convey the color of not just products but makeup I do on others. I hope this makes my blog more enjoyable to read and I know it will be tons of fun for me to capture beautiful pictures. 
(The following paragraph is just a few of my thoughts to wrap up this year and to kick of the next.)
This Christmas flew by in a flash as did this whole year. I know everyone says that and I must say I thought this year was on a whole other level for me. I swear it was December just three months ago. *Sigh* Christmas has now come and gone and to be honest I'm a little sad that it has passed ever so quickly. Such is life I suppose. We run headlong at something and next thing we know...we've run straight past it. But right now I am on the edge of a new year beginning and I have been considering what I could accomplish in twelve months. I knew on my birthday last year I wanted to be able to say that I shifted my life in a new direction and stop doubting myself so much and just jump. My birthday is now two months away and I have a new job that I love, I have done makeup for a wedding (A dream of mine.) and I have started a blog. I am looking so forward to what this year could hold and I don't want to let anything hold me back. So I encourage you to join me. What could you do in 1 year...12 months...52 weeks...365 days...?
Now after a bit of a rambling, a favorite past time of mine, I will share what I was blessed with this Christmas. These birds and squirrels I also found at Target after I bought my other birds that I spoke about here.
   A Few of My Favorite Things                      
This Too Faced palette was for sure at the top of my wish list. It has a great range of colors with good pigmentation. You could do smokey-eyes, natural-eyes, even colorful-eyes. Not to mention you get a matte bronzer that smells like chocolate, perfect for contouring and is buttery soft!! (Chocolate Soleil) along with another bronzer and two blushers. A full sized lip color, a sample of mascara and a booklet with a few ideas on how to use the palette are also included in the makeup bag that it's all wrapped up in. If you can still find any of these after Christmas try to snatch one up.

This is my first go at Too Faced eye shadow and I think they've got me hooked. Too Faced Cosmetics has been the company that has stolen my heart this year.
This Lulu by Lulu Guinness had me at the heart clasp. As a February baby show me a baby pink purse with an envelope sealed with gold heart as the front pocket and you have me. Now I also have been needing a new wallet...a grown up wallet if you will and my momma made it happen.
A matching black wallet! (I don't know why but the gold looks a bit too yellow in this picture...learning how this new camera works...sorry!) So many card holders and a coin purse in the middle. Lulu understands me.
I don't know what came first this or the Naked3 but rose gold has invaded my life and I welcome it. My parents knew I had to have this for the 8:00am meetings at work. Coffee is the other love of my life aside from beauty. Mmmmm...
So with all the new things this past year has presented me with (job, blog, friends, etc..) my mom and dad thought I may need a place to put my ideas and another place to keep my schedule straight. And call my old fashioned but I just won't schedule things in my iPad or my iPhone...Sorry Apple, paper and a pen still win as far as planning my life goes. 
(This is my favorite ornament and I just had to include it. It was a gift from to my Grandmother to my mom and she has now passed it down to me after my long time obsession that has yet to end. Come on though...a mouse sleeping in a walnut shell under a quilt...need I say more?)
I hope your Christmas was as blessed as mine, that you got to see all of your favorite seasonal movies and that you had a wonderful time with the ones you love weather it was with the family you were given or the family you've assembled yourself. Remember this year to pour time into yourself and those who matter and re-evaluate those who don't value you as you do them. Spring cleaning doesn't only need to be done in your makeup bag but sometimes in life and relationships. This is the perfect time to kick things off to a beautiful start. It's okay to choose yourself over others sometimes and to be selfish when it comes to being treated fairly. You set the tone for how your life will be, from how far you go at work or in personal goals to how you allow yourself to be treated by others.
I hope this post hasn't been too emotional and blah, blah, blah for you, this is what happens when I get a yearly planner that's empty and full of new possibilities. If you hung in here with me till now, thank you. Every person who reads my posts fills me with joy to know that someone is listening...or reading.
xoxo, Amanda
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