Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Glow Like An Angel: Smashbox Liquid Halo

Winter is here in the US, as we all know and that can only mean one thing for skin...dryness. Oh bother, what's a girl to do? Well to start with time to switch to a more deeply hydrating moisturizer. I've been using Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil at night and trying only to wash my face once a day in the evening when I take off my makeup. If my face feels a bit stuffy in the morning I'll take some Breath of Fresh Air from Lush Cosmetics on some cotton pads and finishing with Imperialis also from Lush. These are all great steps but makeup matters too. My cheeks have been getting so dry and my matte foundations have been settling right into the dry skin that resides there. Well, I knew that this simply would not do. I was at Sephora (shocking...not!) and the notion struck me that I should try a new foundation but as a matte-makeup kinda girl I knew I wouldn't want anything too dewy or overly light reflective. Heeeellllooooo Liquid Halo HD Foundation from Smashbox. This gel foundation was designed to work like a photo filter, softening harsh lighting, blurring imperfections, while offering light-weight flawless coverage. Consider this an Instagram filter in a bottle. The foundation is shear to medium coverage and is nicely buildable. I even got lots of compliments on my skin with this foundation on...these compliments weren't on my makeup but on my skin. Liquid Halo looks like your skin perfected. This may just be my new "reach for it" foundation. It's long lasting and as for my pesky winter skin, it's quite pleased with this new oil free yet moisturizing foundation. A major plus is that this HD foundation works with all undertones and is sweat and humidity resistant with an SPF of 15. I am in the shade 1, the lightest shade. Smashbox says this foundation is formulated with 100% Liquid  Light Technology. This is supposed to reflect light three ways, 1) from the gel. 2) from the pigment and 3) from the skin to achieve a skin-like natural glow. How glad I am to have dared to try this beautiful formula. After this nearing love letter proportions review I think it's quite obvious that I am smitten with this lovely foundation.

xoxo, Amanda
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Photo from the Sephora Website and was not taken or owned by me.

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