Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's Get Wrapping!

If you read my blog or know me you know I adore Christmas...but really I don't think most people understand the level of love I have for this holiday other than the friends I have asked (summoned...forced) to be my holiday elves and help me over the week it can take me to trim all three of my trees and deck all of the halls and cover everything with cheer and peppermint. I just got all kinds of giddy typing that. (Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!) All right...I've pulled myself together. Now...for the reason I've been rambling on. 
Let's. Get. Wrapping!! (Pt. 1)
SPARKLES! Perfect for this time of year I have gotten "" from OPI and I thought I could pop this and a few other things into a holiday mug and wrap it up like a fruit basket you would actually be excited to receive. 
This fun glitter polish adds a festive touch but could totally be worn all year. It reminds me of a fun wrapping paper when on top of any colored polish. I can not get enough of this. The polish includes fuchsia, purple, and turquoise chunky glitter and purple baby glitter to add a touch of fun to any manicure. 
Check out OPI's at Ulta for $9.00.
Keeping with the nail theme Formula X for Sephora. This is by for thee best base coat ever and it would make a killer stocking stuffer. This makes my polish last way longer! Base coats are the step that I often have skipped 1) Because in the past they haven't done much for me. 2) I usually just don't think about adding another coat to dry. But this stuff dries super fast and I feel my polish grip to my nail much better. 
Pick this up for $10.50 at Sephora! They also have a set if you want to do a bigger gift for $32.00 that comes with a a nail cleaner, base coat, top coat and you get to pick a colored polish from Formula X to pop into the set. 
Who would be sad to have this beautiful brush under their bow? Not me and I already have one.
Real Techniques brushes are amazing and better than quite a lot of higher end brushes I've purchased and a lot more affordable. Also this would be the perfect size to be a stocking stuffer for the beauty lover in your life. They go for a whopping $6.99 at Ulta andAmazon!
Revlon Colorburst! This works for all of the above mentioned options. In a mug, in a stocking and under a bow atop a larger gift. They're great in matte or shine and they smell like mint. I did a review here with all the info on where I got mine. 
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal in 55 Inked In Pink. I got this thinking it would be a nice eye primer for the Naked 3 Palette when I can finally get my hands on one. It looks great alone or with color blended into the crease. This color is pretty, festive and fairly priced for $6.99 at Ulta.
I never ever have enough room in my wallet for the amount of change I obtain throughout a week and I know a lot of my friends just end up tossing it into the pocket of their purses because they have the same problem of not being able to fasten there wallet because of the too full change section. The obvious remedy is to get a change purse, but I don't often see any I like. This cutie was at Target for $7.99. I couldn't find it online but have been seeing these sorts of change purses everywhere since Pre-Christmas hit. I'll be tying this to a bow on top of purse after I wrap it. The perfect accompaniment to a handbag.
This last one is a Christmas classic and my dad just loves the movie A Christmas Story and when Ralphie's dad gets the awful leg lamp and displays it in the window he always laughs, needless to say, I saw this and had to get it for him for $8.00 at Target. It will be his new favorite ornament, I just know it! This will be attached to the ribbon on one of his gifts.

I hope this has given you some ideas on what to buy to spice up any gift and to stuff every glam gal's stocking. I hope you have a festive time this holiday season no matter what you're celebrating. Follow my blog to see Pt.2 of this when I will post pictures of some of my wrapped gifts using some of these items.
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May your days be merry and bright!
xoxo, Amanda 

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