Monday, December 9, 2013

Let's Get Wrapping Pt. 2

So part two of Let's Get Wrapping is a mixture of how I used some of the before mentioned items in my last post and how I'm wrapping up this season. In the first picture I'm made a bow by tying a simple bow followed by two additional bunny ears. Then arranging the wire ribbon and tada!
Next I have a little gift for a friend. First I picked up some assorted makeup including e.l.f blush, a Sephora eye shadow and a Revlon Lip Butter. I think it's a good idea to keep the person you're shopping for in mind, such as lip shades you've seen them wearing before (unless they've mentioned wanting to step out of their comfort zone.) Then I wrapped it like a fruit basket. 
I used a fun orniment as a cute, fun way to spunk up a simple bow. This is a fun way to incorporate the gift receivers personality into the gift starting even starting at the wrapping. I also have been using gift tags instead of stickers. They're not too much more money and add a nice touch.
I used one of the gift tags to fasten a bottle of nail polish to a bow. It's like a little preview of the main gift inside. 
Lastley one of the most awkwardly shaped gifts to wrap...ever. The to-go coffee mug. I rolled this up folding the bottom like any other present and then stuffed the top with tissue paper and taped it there, topped with a bow and a gift tag it now look fun and exciting. (You can do both ends and have a wrapped candy effect. This also works well with candles.
And this is what I purchased to listen to as a wrapped the day away and nibbled on peppermint bark. Oh, what a lovely day I had! I then put up one ( of two) of our Christmas trees and watched Arthur Christmas, which I highly recomend. I hope you're having a Happy Holidays and that this season is treating you well. Lots of love to you and yours'.
                                                               xoxo, Amanda

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