Monday, December 23, 2013

Sanitizing Your Makeup

The other day my coworker, Faith, asked me how I sanitize my palettes and I didn't have an answer for her because I had been on a long time search for this answer myself. I could always find loads of information on how to clean and sanitize my brushes from baby shampoo to professional brush cleaner but still no information on...How to clean my palettes? So I went on a hunt for information and decided I should share what I've found. 

What You'll need: 91% Rubbing Alcohol, A mini spray bottle. (Paper and tape if you want to label it like I did so no one might think it's just water or toner.)
The reason you want to use 91% rubbing alcohol is because though harmful bactieria is killed with 70% rubbing alcohol it doesn't evaporate as quickly which means it can damage your makeup. All you have to do is fill your spray bottle and sprits about six inches away a couple times and leave open a few minutes to dry. You can use this on any pressed powders, lipstick, pencil or any potted cream products. (You'll want to gently wipe of lipsticks and pencils.)This info can be very useful throughout the holidays when often we are getting ready for parties and family photos together and sharing our makeup and could end up regretting it if the other person has an eye infection or cold sore that they my not even be aware of themselves yet. I hope this has been helpful for you whether you have an extensive collection or if you have just started wearing makeup recently. May you feel beautiful and rest asured your makeup is clean!
                                                        xoxo, Amanda

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