Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some More of Marc Jacobs

I have officially gotten my V.I.B Rouge card from Sephora and just in time for Christmas, which means I got an email that said I would get $20 of a $50 purchase. If you don't know what a V.I.B Card is allow me to explain. It basically tracks how much money you spend at Sephora and turns each dollar spent into one point. These point can then be spent on products featured that month, such as a package of Tarte Products or a sample size mascara. I know that technically you are paying for these things because you've already spent money to get them...but they don't have to give you anything for spending money.

Now what would I buy? I decided to purchase something I otherwise might hesitate to pick up because of the price tag. Hello Mr. Jacobs...we meet again. I decided on an Eye Shadow trio and a purse sized roll on of Daisy perfume.

The packaging is completely gorgeous and honestly at $42. it's not that crazily priced considering the fact that I pay $15 for MAC's single shadows and $18.50 for Urban Decay's. The trio comes in a cute protective case so that the packagings black, high-gloss-finish won't get scratched in your makeup bag, though finger prints are a hazard. It also include one of the absolutely pointless sponge applicators. Why are they still including those in high-end makeup lines? I feel like they should include a brush or nothing at all. The Daisy I already know I love so I reached for the $22 travel size easily. I have already proclaimed my love to Daisy here.
Upon opening there is a protective plastic cover that says Marc Jacobs, may as well put that on the packaging as much as possible since you're probably paying partially for the name anyway. 

Now the colors...They are quite pigmented, finely milled and smooth. These three colors blend together lovely and can be used in many different ways. All three shades are a satin finish. The largest is a cream with the slightest peach undertone. The smallest is a vibrant fuchsia that is very intensely pigmented. The mid sized  shade is a very functional deep plumy-purple, perfect for making a gorgeous smoked out look. Now These shades may not be functional for everyone but there are many trios to pick from. 106 The Rebel is the one I went with. I never thought I would consider buying a full sized palette from the Marc Jacobs line but now I would really like a neutral palette as well. These sleek, compact and lovely trios and palettes are lovely and to be honest better than expected. I have gotten lots of compliments when wearing these shades and I am planning on getting the The Lolita 206 Palette after the holidays. 
If you try this let me know your thoughts and tell me which trio or palette you've gotten. Happy blending!
xoxo, Amanda

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