Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All That or All Chat?: Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara

So there has been quite a bit of chatter around the beauty world about this new mascara from Covergirl called Bombshell. Which has inspired an idea for a new series of reviews I'm calling "All That or All Chat?". Basically I'm going to review hyped up products and let you know if I think it's all the buzz that has people chatting about this product or if it's this product that has people chatting. 

I hope everyone enjoys this and let's chat about Covergirl: Bombshell Volume Mascara from Lashblast...
So the idea is that step one provides volume and step two provides a top coat of darkness and adds intensity. Of course I put this to the test. I have worn this mascara for a little over a week so I could provide a fully formed opinion, one that was not metaphorically blinded by a new shiny product full of high promises.
    The packaging on this mascara is rather bulky and not particularly glamorous in my personal opinion.
The color is nice and it is labeled very clearly as to which side is which. The cumbersome packaging can feel a bit awkward in hand when using and the length of the wand is shortened substantially due to the duel ended concept, which in turn takes some getting used to when trying to get super close to the lash line. But enough of the packaging we all know that if a product delivers we can look past all of that. 
*cough* Rimmel Stay Matte *cough* 
Side 1 has a rubbery brush much like the original Lashblast Mascara and most of it's successors.
I like to apply three coats and wiggle from the root of the lash up. This brush does a nice enough job separating and thickening lashes but doesn't grip them very well, I suppose that will be where the other end will come into play.  
Here are 3 coats of side 1
You can definitely see a difference from the left side to the bare-naked-lashed right. My eyes look more opened and my lashes look fuller. But wait...you know there's more. 
Side 2 has a bristly brush that holds onto lashes and gently pulls them to there full length while coating lashes
in an ultra dark top coat of mascara. 
Here are 2 coats of side 2
You can see an even bigger difference than before and my poor other eye is looking as though it needs a pick me up. 
Here are both eyes done with both side 1 and 2
Yay! Big, open, long, volumized, dark, separated lashes. (Did I uses enough adjectives?)
This mascara doesn't feel heavy even with a combined 5 coats and it doesn't flake badly throughout the day.

The Pros: It's a nice $9.99 at Walgreens. It's very dark. It does what is claims. It doesn't clump. It doesn't flake. It keeps lashes lifted. It provides a higher end look on a budget. Lashes stay flexible.
The Cons: Packaging is bulky. It's a bit harder to remove than mascaras such as the original LashBlast from Covergirl or They're Real from Benefit. (But it's a lot easier to remove than waterproof.) You have to apply 5 coats to achieve this look. 

So my final verdict is that I would consider this one of the best mascaras to be found at the drugstore that I've tide. Will it be replacing my high end mascaras? No, but it will be a welcomed addition to my collection and it will be getting used and I see this as a potential re-purchase item. 

What do you think after this review? Do the pros out weigh the cons for you? 
Thank you for reading and I hope this has been informative and helpful in your quest for the perfect makeup bag. Remember that you can use makeup to boost you confidence but don't let it define your confidence. You as a person have much more to offer than just a face of makeup that can be wiped away with makeup remover and ruined with a splash of water.

xoxo, Amanda

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