Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beauty Bargains

This past week I found myself birthday shopping for a friend, this required a trip to Ulta, a dangerous thing for me. I refrained myself and only got one thing for me. The Real Techniques Miracle Perfection Sponge for $5.99. Then I went to pick up some wrapping paper at CVS and what was up front staring at me, practically waving me down? None other than the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation I have been on the hunt for, that no place I went to seemed to stock. Of course I snatched it up and with the price of $5.99 and my perfect shade (Classic Ivory) how could I not. Lastly I had an Amazon package waiting for me upon my arrival home with a Canon camera bag but a little surprise I had forgotten a had ordered as an add on item. A Real Techniques Kabuki Brush for $6.44! 

All of these items impressed me so much. Not only were all three of these last minute finds amazing quality but they also were beauty steals. 
 The Real Techniques Miracle Perfection Sponge was a product I had added in my Amazon cart a few times and removed just as many. I'm just not really a makeup sponge fan usually so I was a skeptic. I new I loved all the brushes I had gotten before from Real Techniques but I just couldn't commit. But when I saw this sponge right there at Ulta I just said "Well, I guess I should at least try it and I'll let my subscribers know either way. This sponge has a thumbs up from me and I am so very pleased I bit the bullet and got it. This won't replace my brushes but be a lovely addition to my tools.
Finally! I found you!! Okay...perhaps a bit dramatic, but when all my favorite blogs had already been talking about this for a good long while and I couldn't find it...well...boo! Now I have it though and am quite pleased I am not to big on drugstore foundation all too often because I feel if there were to be one makeup item to splurge on it would be foundation. Taking good care of your skin is so important. But the thing is not everyone has the budget to spend a high-end products and I love my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder so I gave it a go. I am not wild on the smell, It's a bit synthetic and I can't tell if it's just the ingredients or if it's fragrances. The smell doesn't linger on the skin though so I can get past it.
Here I only have the foundation and concealer on, the rest is a naked face. I applied it with the Miracle Perfection Sponge (above) and I think the results were very good. This won't be replacing my high end favorites but I think it's the best quality drugstore foundation I have used. It gives a medium coverage with a fairly natural look. No cake-face. Skin looks more even and it covers my red cheeks up well. The coverage is comparable to Naked Skin foundation from Urban Decay. Not dewy, not matte, I'd call this a satin finish.
Here is the foundation with a full face of makeup. I do have a little blemish and the foundation didn't do too bad covering it a bit.
My little surprise I forgot I ordered. The Real Techniques Kabuki brush. This little number was a surprise in more ways than just that though. It, as I have come to expect from Real Techniques, is super soft and well made...but wait...
...it opens up. Yes, it unfolds to be a whole other kind of brush. 
You can use this not only for buffing in powders but for fanning on blush or even contouring around the face with you favorite bronzer. This perfect-for-travel little darling is great and I like to use it for setting powder around my T-zone. I am probably going to order another one of these brushes so I can use one for setting and have a clean one on standby.

I hope my thoughts on these three beauty bargains have given you some insight into a product that maybe you were holding back on buying, unsure of whether it was a winner or not.
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"It is all how you look at beauty. Is it only and outward appearance with hair and makeup and a hot body, or is it something deeper than that?" -Hilary Swank
xoxo, Amanda

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