Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Orange You Glad?

Yesterday morning a woke up with the need for all things orange. 
Any shade of the stuff, neon, peach, coral, salmon, all of it was good in my book, even the flavor. I'm  not sure what it meant or if it meant anything at all, but there are just those days where you rise with a color obsession. Let's talk about orange...in all of it's many shades.
Maybelline Color Whisper was the nice and easy orange I started my lips off with. This light gel formula is adds a soft touch of color with a healthy shine. Love this for days when you just want to whisk your hair into a pony tail and dart out of the house or if I'm meeting a friend for morning coffee and lipstick feels a bit to done up. This shade is #40 Orange Attitude $5.59 at Target
I had to close at the shop I work at which meant I had to head to work at 7:00pm thus I switched to a bolder shade of orange which I found in Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids. This lipstick has a creamy feel and packs a punch in the color department. This shade is lovely for both day and night and seems fitting for this nearly 70 degree weather the Las Vegas valley has been having. This color is positively juicy! 
I have the shade #885 Vibrant Mandarin $5.99 at Target
This little guy is well loved. I used more than half last summer and I'm sure I'll finish it off this year.
  This super glossy, extremely pigmented, "High Gloss Lip Color" is a love of mine. I own three other colors, but I received this little number as a hand me down when a friend didn't get on so well with the shade on her skin. I gave it a go and it's been my go-to sunny weather shade ever since. Not only does it stay in place in 117 degree weather but it stays on hour. Looking forward to busting this one out soon. 
I have the shade Punch Drunk $19.00 on UrbanDecay.com
Nyx Butter Gloss. I had heard so much about this stuff and it finally found it's way home with me. 
I know this is pushing it as far as orange goes but I like it as a topping to tone down some of the bolder shades if I feel like it and it's technically a peach shade soooo...why not!? This not-one-bit-sticky gloss is a non drying delight to wear. Yes, yes and yes!!
I have the shade Peaches & Cream $5.00 at NYXcosmetics.com
This, to quote the Sephora's page, is a "Shimmering Coral Orange" and it's pretty much just that. Yet another fabulous color and product from the Kat Von D line. The packaging it beautiful and the color you see is the color you will get on your lips. This is long lasting and scent free. This line is truly one of my favorites when it comes to lipsticks. I have yet to be let down by any of the multiple shades I own.
I have the shade Coral Castle $19.00 at Sephora.com
This "Golden Vibrant Peach" a perfect way to describe this color (This picture doesn't do it justice. Swatches at the end) I had to have this eye-shadow the very moment I swatched it in store. This makes for a great one-shadow eye look or as a lid color. Blends like a dream and feels like velvet.
I have the shade Freelove $18.00 at UrbanDecay.com
Another Kat Von D product, this time Everlasting Blush. This peachy -pink has great stay power and is buildable. This silk like powder blends so well and feels light on the skin. It's goes with most skin tones and warms up even the dullest winter skin with a pop of a peach kiss. I used this shade for wedding makeup on my friend. You can read about that day here. 
I have the shade Bellisima $25.00 at Sephora.com
Now the nails. This OPI color is a two coats and done creamy shade. Perfect for summer parties or creating candy-corn nails from Pinterest. 
I have the shade In My Back Pocket $7.91 on Amazon.com
Essie's vibrant orange is nice and shimmery and looks great on lots of skin colors.
I have the shade Briziliant $5.99 on Amazon.com
Finally, on impulse I picked up some Trident Tropical Twist Gum $0.97 at Target
I feel like my breath matched my lips.
I hope this obsessive-orange-overload has been a fun read. 
May this colorful little post brighten your winter days and remind you spring is just around the corner.
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xoxo, Amanda 
"I love when I go out and I have my hair and makeup done, but I also like when I'm just with my family because that is real."-Heidi Klum

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