Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm Blushing for Tarte

So Spring is soon to be sprung and that has me thinking about what I'll be doing makeup wise.
I have been looking at this years New York City Fashion week makeup trends as they are the avant-garde forecast of what will follow as far as trends go. I noticed that a lot of makeup had one feature as a bold focal point, eyebrows, eye makeup, lips, cheeks, all accompanied by flawless skin. 
Simplistic, sharp and of course dramatic all at once. 

My favorite was Michael Kors this year. Shear lady like elegance polished off with romantic, fresh faced makeup. My heart flutters! This man just gets how to dress the female form.  
Pictures from click to see all of the Michael Kors 2014 Spring collection.

Of course I got excited as this meant I could draw my own inspiration from these looks and translate them how I pleased. I have had quite a fondness towards cheeks lately and I am loving all the looks you can create with the right cheek products.

Shortly after looking at all these Spring collections (particularly Mr. Kors') I found myself wondering over to my trusty and coming across the Tarte Cheek Stains. I had seen these before in different packaging but never been too terribly wrapped up in cheek products so I had kind of just blown past them. With the surprisingly sudden and premature appearance of spring in southern Nevada I was drawn in. Click! 

These Tarte classics have had a revamp, now they are more echo friendly using less of  a more sustainable packaging and each shade has it's own look to represent it's "personality". I chose to get only one as I wasn't quite sure what I would think of this stain as I had tried other stains from other brands and not been a fan at all. Other stains I've tried have either been rather difficult to work with or not pigmented enough to be worth while. This was not the case with my most resent purchase.
I  chose the shade Flush, a sheer berry that, when applied, looks like something one of the female leads from a Brontë novel would possess naturally. The instructions say you can apply this with your fingers, a sponge or straight from the packaging. I found it to go on best, for me, when I used it right from the tube. 

This formula contains what Tarte calls "T5 Super Fruit Complex" and it does smell fruity. It reminds me of Orange-aid. The complex is supposed to me part of an anti-aging formula with skin-restorative benefits. This product is a true Tarte classic as it was the first ever Tarte product that the founder, Maureen, invented right out of her one bedroom New York City apartment. She wanted high quality makeup that wasn't full of a bunch of junky ingredients. She has been wildly successful in her goals and now Tarte is beginning to be available not just in the North America but recently in the UK on QVC! Happy for all you guys, now if we could just get the full range of Soap & Glory over here...but I'm getting off track.
Would I add more of these stains to my collection? Yes, a thousand times yes!! I am beyond pleased with this product. I thought that I would quite like it but oh, my...I'm hooked. This blush has wonderful lasting power, as do most cheek products from Tarte. It looks so natural as you can see your skin through the stain much like a real-life-blush. Consider this the beginning of a collection soon to grow. Now these are not the cheapest, but as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." and most often that is true and with Tarte you are paying for good ingredients. These cheek stains gor for $30. 

Tarte is a cruelty free company, that has a large focus on quality ingredients making up quality makeup. 
They work with Rainforest Cooperatives to treat the earth the best they can. Check out this video from founder Maureen Kelly about how she started Tarte and all about being "Eco-Chic" HERE.

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Let me know, would you like to give these stains a try or have you already? What shades should I try next? I hope this has been informative and helped you in your quest to having the best makeup bag for you.
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xoxo, Amanda

"My legacy would be that you don't have to give up anything. You can be chic but have a sense of humor, you can be sexy but comfortable, you can be timeless but fresh." - Michael Kors

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