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February Favorites 2014

Hi there, you may (or may not) have noticed my absence the last couple of weeks.
there was a reason for that, my dog of almost 9 years, Oso, fell ill with sudden heart failure and has passed away. I just didn't feel up to discussing things such as makeup. This was probably the hardest loss I have experienced as far as pets go. We had him since he was a puppy and I knew he was mine the moment I saw him at 6 weeks old on a visit to a local rescue. After much convincing I managed to get my mother to get him for me. We told my dad he was a father's day gift to ease telling him that we now had a puppy, though I don't think that was needed. haha I have never felt so bonded with any other animal. This half Coyote and have Golden Retriever mix had seen me through a great deal of life's troubles and had been there throughout my teen years till five days after my 23rd birthday. He was my little prince and will always have a piece of my heart. But I am back now! I don't want to let this sadness overwhelm me and stop me from doing things I love and this is one of those things. I dedicate this monthly favorite to Oso, my favorite forever! 

Now lets get into the makeup before I turn into a soppy mess thinking over all of these things.
Urban Decay Naked Skin in 2.0: This one is a rekindled love. It had (as things often do) drifted to the back of my makeup collection and stopped being used as it was no longer the newest thing and I get distracted quite easily by new makeup. This one resurfaced when I did my 3 Ways to Get NAKED post. I looked at it and asked myself "Why don't I use this anymore?" and I think it was because my skin had gotten quite dry and this Satin/demi-matte finish was not working on my dry cheeks. Now that my skin is balanced yet again and all's baaaaack! This medium-buildable foundation goes for $39.00 on
Baby Cotton Buds: On my trip to Disney for my birthday my coworker Paije and I made a trip to Daiso, a Japanese dollar store. I picked up these little, tiny cotton buds that are about a third of the size of normal cotton buds. They are perfect for fixing little mistakes applying makeup and touching up around lipstick.
I got two containers of 200 for under $4.00.
Tarte Cheeks Stain in Flush: I can't stop using this. It is thee perfect thing for spring cheeks. For the full story check out my blog post I'm Blushing for Tarte.
Real Techniques Kabuki Brush: This was the perfect brush to pack for my trip to Disneyland. It was small and was the perfect shape for applying bronzer. This brush is yet another win for Real Techniques and I have been using this oh-so-soft brush almost every day. This brush sells for $6.49 on
NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder: This Mineral HD powder is feather light and set makeup without weighing is down. This powder is so finely milled that it is near weightless. $9.99 at
Benefit They're Real!: They're back! I had taken a break from They're Real! when I started using Better Than Sex by Too Faced. These mascaras are two very different products. They're Real! makes your lashes reach for the sky while Better Than Sex makes them full and sexy. Layered they are magic. Benefit on bottom and Too Faced on top. With names like these, it's no wonder they ended up together. $10.00-$23.00 at
Urban Decay Primer Posion: The OG of primers, the "Holy Grail" item for many, has made it's way back on to my eyelids again. You may notice this is the old packaging and that is because I haven't used it since then. Soon though, it may be time for a new one. $12.00-$20.00 at
Kat Von D for Sephora Lipstick in Oh My Goth: I spoke about this a couple weeks ago in my post about Kat Von D for Sephora Re-Launch. I had apparently forgotten a lot about this because I really do love it! (You may notice that is a trend here.) This lipstick is a Gothic deep metallic purple and is $19.00 at
Mirabella Velvet Lips Pencil in Rose Velvet: This was a gift from my friend Jacquie for my birthday and I am obsessed. This lip pencil is hard to describe, the texture somewhere between a satin and a matte and feels light as air and breathable. It will bleed if you don't use a liner. (I used O-Zone from Urban Decay.) I want all of these colors and am in love with this blue undertoned vibrant pink. $23.00 on
Buxom Lips Gloss in Sugar: This non-sticky gloss is a lovely brown sugar/bronze shade perfect so summer. It lightly plumps the lips and doesn't give you that my lips are vibrating and on fire feeling from the plumping agent. $19.00 on
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Eldorado and Perversion: I love the golden Eldorado for summer. It adds definition to the eyes while keeping things bright and bronze. This true gold looks great with a bright blue eye and a hot pink lip. Think Malibu Barbie. Perversion always gets under my contacts so I had stopped wearing it until I used it as a lip liner on top of red or purple lips. I love this with a very bear face and structured brows. The blackest black gives a great deepening and ombre effect. 
Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ebony: I have been using this every day since I got it. I even did a 40 minute boxing session and the brows stayed put. I didn't rub them while I worked out but they didn't melt away with sweat! Anastasia's brow products have an ash undertone which keeps it looking more like actual hair color than drawn on makeup. $21.00 at
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Freelove and Omen: These two are some of my favorite shades from the UD line. Freelove is the perfect spring/summer all over the lid shade and Omen is great in the crease with Freelove or as a base color for a Katy Perry sort of makeup look. These hold true to UD standards and blends beautifully and is true to pan color. Each go for $18.00 at

Now for my Birthday Favorites!
Mirabella (listed above). 
Ciate Doll House Collection: These mini Ciate polishes have a unique texture of porcelain, like that of a doll. This is a good set if you like to switch up your nails a lot as the polish dries in seconds and after about two days needs to be changed because it cracks like porcelain if you want a long lasting polish, keep looking.
Dr Marten Hacknet Boots: I always need comfy shoes for work and docs have never let me down so when my mom and dad asked what I would like for my birthday these boots were at the top of my wish list. Cute and comfortable these well made boots should last me a long time.
Photo: These hot ladies! #LushDoesDisney #disneyland #LadiesofLush
Photo: @lolitaislovely at #DapperDay a #disneyland #sleepingbeautyscastle
Disneyland is a major favorite along with the people I was there with. We had the best time and we all can't wait to do it again. 
While I was in Disneyland I picked up some Alice in Wonderland gear. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books so when I spotted this tea, tea press and tea cup and saucer I couldn't say no. 
The cup and saucer have a picture of the famous tea party scene and little butterflies (sticks of butter with bread wings) and rocking-horse flies.
The Topsy Turvy Tea Blend is medium strength black tea. A blend of Indian Black Teas, Safflower and Calendula Petals, Oil of Bergamot and Orange Flavors.
The tea press features all the tea party characters, tea pots and cups. The Mad Hatter spilling tea and Alice poring a cup for the Hare. The top of the press is a tiny tea cup and this press works perfectly with the loose tea I bought. It also came full of Mad Tea Party Blend tea, which I favor to the Topsy Turvy. This tea is also a medium blend made of Indian Black Teas, Safflowers, Calendula Petas, Ginger Bits, Apricot Bits and Apricot flavors. I will be sending my coworker with some money to pick me up some of this blend next time she's in Disneyland as it is twice as expensive outside of the park.

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"What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?" - John Green

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