Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goodbye Naked, Hello Neon

It seems as though when Urban Decay decided to launch their first Naked palette and 
things went wildly successful every makeup line wanted in on a slice of the neutral palette pie. It wasn't until the launch of Naked 3 over the last holiday season that it seemed to hit full tilt and every makeup counter you would see had a display of their rendition of a neutral palette. Urban Decay continually adds to their Naked success by launching new products within the line, such as skin, lip and cheek products rounding out what is possibly the most talked, blogged, tweeted and instagrammed collection. If you are a makeup lover it is most likely you own at least one item from the Naked line and probably let social media here about it upon the first time you opened it, but what was going to be next for our beloved Urban Decay? Could they simply keep pumping out Naked items straying away from the punchy, extreme shades of bold color that got them started? Of course not, thus the Summer Electric line has launched, bringing with it Urban Decay of yesteryear, but with the quality formulation the company has grown into.

Urban Decay has pumped out a neon collection returning to their bold looks and
 funky packaging. This will most likely not cater to the masses as Naked does. I am quite excited to play with these new products as soon as I make my way to the nearest Urban display and add them to my basket on pay day. 

The collection of neons consists of: 
Electric Palette, featuring nine neon shades ranging from mattes to shimmers and a metallic silver highlight shade. Two of the colors have been seen before in other palettes (Chaos from Vice and Revolt from Anarchy) the other eight are brand new. The palette also  includes a duel ended brush with purple bristles and a large mirror inside. $49.
Electric Nail Color Trio, featuring a mermaid like metallic aqua-green, glitter gold and hot pink. $12.
Nail Colors in an orange red, electric blue, black with red shimmer running through, shimmery deep turquoise, deep metallic purple with color a plum-red color shift, and a cool toned silver with color shift. Each shade is micro-sparkle and corresponds with other UD products. $15. each
Heavy Metal Loose Glitter comes in six colors, hot pink iridescent white, yellow gold, electric blue, teal and a true UD purple. $12. each

These are, of course, not the only new launches from UD but they are the bold stand outs 
that are in no way neutral.

This line peeks my interest as my love affair with makeup started with bold, bright 
shades and people who would wear these cool bold shades like Hayley Williams. I would see these kinds of girls in music videos and I would think they know how to have fun, they were in control and were not afraid to tell people what they thought and they didn't care what people thought of what they wore. People always wonder why I love Urban Decay so much and aside from the fact that they make quality products they also have a similar message for women, that you can be kick-ass, bold, strong and beautiful all at once while holding your own. 

"For me, embracing my own power is about embracing my right to be an individual."-Hayley Williams

So here's to the girls who get called out of line for refusing to color inside them!
 I hope you are as pumped on the power shades as I am! This can only mean one thing, 
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