Friday, March 28, 2014

Melting for Melt Cosmetics

If you have an Instagram and you check what's on the popular page you have probably 
seen/heard of Melt Cosmetics. This Cruelty Free up and coming cosmetics company founded by two makeup artist, Dana from Las Vegas and Lora from Las Angeles. These girls know what they like and wanted to make a line of their own. Picking daring colors and an ultra matte formulation these ladies have taken over the lipstick obsessed girls and boys of this world. These lipsticks have been hard to get my lip product loving hands on as the explosive success of this brand has these babies often out of stock. had better get while the getting is good because within days, even hours of being back in stock they may be sold out yet again. 
Part of this wild success may be that co-founder Lora was seen on Instagram's popular
page showing off her makeup skills by non other than radio-hit-maker, Rihanna. The two can be seen on each others Instagram accounts when Lora does Rihanna's makeup. The founders of this brand model what they sell and often show how they're using them with other makeup to create different looks on there accounts. This fab duo know just what they're doing.
(Dana: left Lora: right)
These two ladies have hit the makeup world at a perfect time, when"not-the-norm" colors are being worn not only on the runways but on the streets by those bold enough to rock them. Not all of the brands lipstick are as bold and out there as the shades I picked up this go around. There are super pigmented pinks and gorgeous reds. So if these hues I had to have aren't your shot of whiskey you are sure to find your cup of tea and who doesn't like tea? 
Starlight was not my first choice. I picked this since the website was out of stock on the other two shade I've had my eye on, Blow and DGAF. I am glad I got this color though, because I think it will be a good one for summer and I don't have a shade like it. 
This intergalactic shade of purple is bold yet a bit more day to day then some of the other shades offered in the range. It is super matte and doesn't quite glide on until it warms up a bit. When I wiped it off there was a berry stain left on my mouth, which I was fine with. There is minimal color bleeding and the color lasts well. 
I would still opt for a lip liner like O-Zone from Urban Decay just to keep colors from wondering.

Bane was a shade I had gone to the website for. I had yet to own a black lipstick, but I have been playing with using black pencils on my lips to ombre here. It was a lot of fun and I liked the vampiric, sith lord look black lips create. (Yes...I'm a nerd.) This avant garde hue has inspired many makeup looks in my mind.
 Bane is a bit more buttery in texture and is super pigmented with a blue/green undertone adding extreme depth. I did a very matte look today but am interested in testing this with a very dewy, glowing skin to create a runway like look. This color stays (though I would always choose to line my lips) and feels nice on the lips. 
This color is most definitely my favorite out of the two I ordered and will be setting aside some money for when more shades are back in stock so I can strike while the iron is hot this time. The package also included a mirror that looks like it was made with a button-pin maker and a few cute stickers.

Thank you for reading this post about Melt Cosmetics and be sure to check them out.
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xoxo, Amanda

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