Friday, May 30, 2014

A LUSH Cosmetics Summer Launch!

If you are a "Lushie" you may have noticed after Christmas 2013 a couple hand full 
of products from Lush went missing from their shelves; this was simply to make room for the new kids in town. That's right, get excited, North America, because Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is rolling out seven brand new products! These gorgeous babies have already been launched in the UK and soon they will have made they're way across the pond and probably, by the smell of things, into your bathroom.
First up: Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb. This is an uplifting 1960's inspired bath bomb that will fizz away your worries with happy citrus and spicy, warming pepper and ginger. Enjoy the tie-dye trip...I mean dip; who's colors and scent were inspired by Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album by The Beatles.
Two new soaps are about to hit the cutting boards at Lush and they're ready to be 
sliced to your specifications. Parsley Porridge Soap is a unique soap in that it is perfectly made for both face and body. This ultra earthy scent and color come from the lovely antibacterial ingredients. This green soap is loaded with Tea Tree Oil, Fresh Parsley and Fine Ground Oatmeal, making this soap great for busting breakouts and soothing sore skin from face to feet. Mangnificent Soap is a sunny fruit fusion of Mango, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Neroli Oil that will not only make you smile because of it's smoothy-like smell, but because it will be boosting your central nervous systems serotonin levels with its Neroli Oil, which help to regulate mood, appetite and sleep. Sounds and smells good to me. 
Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion has gotten a revamp! This 100% charitable lotion is 
even more lovely with Fresh Aloe Gel and even more heart warming feels. It is also now self preserving. Yes, that means this pot of moisture is preservative free! I'll let the lovely folks at Lush UK tell you a bit more about it in this heart melting video.

D-Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap smells like strawberry icing and feels like it too
 (try not to taste) and that is because this shaving soap has fresh strawberries, syrup and egg whites in it along with soothing rose hip oil. These delicious ingredients along with this dessert like smell is sure to make the shaving process matter what it is you're shaving. 
Zeste Medium to Strong Hair Gelly: gelly is the right name for this somewhat solid somewhat gelatinous fresh and zesty smelling styling product that is joining the Lush hair care range. Co-Founder Mark Constantine is a Tricholigist (A person who studies the health of the hair and scalp) so you can always count of Lush to whip up some fab and healthy hair products. 
This is another self preserving product that is a simple non-greasy mix of water, orange juice, carrageenan extract (sea weed) and glycerin. You simply scoop a bit of this gelly out and work it between your hands and then style away. This flubber like gel's name is pronounced Zest, though it would seem to be pronounced Zesty the second E in Zeste is silent.
 African Paradise Body Conditioner is the one I am quite excited for.
If you are a lover of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, you will most likely enjoy this as well. The concept of body conditioner was invented by one of the Lush inventors Ro as she wanted to moisturize the body much like you do the hair; still wet, whilst in the shower. African Paradise smells like a fresh, baby cherub or to be less vague: Moringa Oil, Fair Trade shea butter and Fresh Mango Juice, Almond Oil and Watermelon.
Smooth on, rub in, rinse of excess, towel off and done!

Well I know where my upcoming pay checks will be being spent.
Thank you Lush for always giving me a reason to ethically and without guilt treat myself with your cruelty free, gorgeous products. 

I hope this has been an exiting read for you and that you are now looking
forward to glowing, fresh Lush skin. If you did have a good time reading please, follow my blog on Bloglovin', share and like this post. If you live where these products have already hit the shelves please let me know your thoughts and if not what are you most excited to try??
xoxo, Amanda

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