Friday, June 20, 2014

All That or All Chat: Formula X for Sephora

I know that these babies are no new news to the beauty community, and I have spoken
 about the Formual X Base Coat before in my post about Ciate's polish here. I said it was the only base coat I have ever liked and found any use of, so don't ask me why months later I have finally picked up the actual colored polishes. Any way, here we are with a post on Sephora's Formula X Nail Colors.

I really like the packaging on these, though not glamorous, they feel nice to hold and line up quite neatly in my cupboard due to their smart shape. They just have a certain something that speaks to me and I just keep reaching for another hue on each trip to Sephora I make.
(Some may argue too often, but we don't need to speak of such negativity, now do we?)
The first shade I saw and said to my self "Hello, new friend, you'll be coming home with me now!" was Incandescent, which Sephora describes as a cantaloupe orange. I would agree with that, or maybe even a cream-cicle orange. Then came both Supersonic a kelly green/mermaid green shade and Virtuoso a cinder gray, that is part of the Formula X New Neutrals.
How does one choose when dealing with such creamy, delious shades?
Obviously I couldn't tell you how to choose just one and with the fair price of $10.50 you may not have to.
In my opinion these are worth all the beauty buzz they get. The formula is lovely
and rather opaque, one to two coats should do. I found the longevity of these polishes to be unrivaled in my estimation, from OPI to Essie no polish has lasted a whole five days at my job with only one chip. I am scrubbing people's skin, giving facials and washing dishes and usually three days is my maximum wear time.
Next on my wish list is a new base coat, (as I have used up ALL of my first bottle) Potent and the top coat from the line. I'll keep you posted!!

Do you have any of the Formula X polishes? Do you think they're all that or all chat?
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