Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brow Wow! Dipbrow Pomade Review

 Anastasia Beverly Hills is thee name in brows it seems these days and it's no 
wonder why. ABH seems to just pump out killer brow products one after another and let's face it, amazing brows are what it's all about! When word broke that Anastasia was launching a new brow pomade called Dipbrow the beauty world was all a buzz with excitement, tutorials and reviews. You can imagine that I too was on the hunt for this product as soon as it hit the shelves, but alas, it was not quick enough. I went to several Sephora's and checked online and everywhere was out of stock; imagine my disappointment, as a child of the '90s my brows have suffered from over tweazing and a waxing trip gone wrong and this product had me all giddy. I was not the only one disappointed, though. I spoke with a Sephora employee and she said that there was practically rioting in the aisles for people to get their hands on it and when the displays had finally run out mournful aggression took over. Okay, that maybe a bit dramatic, but drama is something the beauty world is never short on when it comes to expressing passion for makeup, skin and hair care. 

Well...Guess who's back, back, back? Back again-gain-gain. Dipbrow's back, back, back tell your friends, friends friends!! I suppose you probably did guess that by the title of this blog post.
Dipbrow in Ebony
I was over the moon when I was on a shopping day with my friend Jacquie
and we walked up to the Anastasia display and there it was. I snatched the shade Ebony up so quickly I worried for the safety of others who's hands could've been in the way, as the shelves had only two in that shade left and only 3 shades in total. I obviously was not the only one excited to see these beauties back on the shelves...while they last. Now after all the hype, what are my personal thoughts on Dipbrow Pomade?
Well me and my friend Jacquie came back to my place and decided to put Dipbrow to the test.
First I drew a couple brows on the back of my hand in varying intensities. Then it was time to test it out. 

We ran my hand under warm running water: nothing moved. 
We then rubbed it while under warm running water: nothing moved.
I put my hand in the pool, which has chlorine water for a full minute to see the chemicals would have any effect on the pomade: Nothing moved, even with rubbing.

We began to wonder what would make this stuff move. Our last test was to go back to the warm sink and wash with Dawn dish soap; you know that soap that washes oil off of wildlife when there are tanker spills and house hold dish grime. Well it took some harsh scrubbing even with that and it barely smudged at all. I wondered if this would come off with makeup remover and it did, easily. Phew!! I was worried I might have brows painted on my hands for life. 
Before: Left                     After: Right
This is an ideal summer product! If you have pool parties, trips to the lake and beach days coming up or if you live on the surface of the sun like I do this stuff may just be your new best friend. It doesn't move until you want it to. I apply it with a small angled brush and it is super easy to use. I would suggest using a light hand and to dab off excess when applying it. Also play with it a moment on the back of your hand to get a feel for it. 
This pot of product is going to last me a long while as it is ultra pigmented and you don't need that much to get a full brow look. The pomade adds texture and grip to the hairs if you'd like to add powder on top. You can also use this as an eye liner for crying or aquatic occasions. I am now sold, I have found my new brow product. I'm not saying I am abandoning my Brow Wiz, but this gives me another, stronger,
 structured brow look. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and that if this has made you want to pick up 
a Dipbrow Pomade that you will be able to find one in your shade. If you'd like to see more from me please follow my blog and be sure to comment, like and share. 
xoxo, Amanda

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