Friday, June 6, 2014

Lip Product Addict Tag!

I saw this tag on YouTube created by Amelia Liana and Esteé of Essie Button
and then continued to see it done by other bloggers and YouTubers; I knew I needed to get in on this, because lip products are one of my favorite things to buy and always have been! Let's do this!!
I don't know if this is a cheat, but I'd rather see this as a combo that's a treatment when combined. #BeautyBloggingLogic The two products are both from Lush; Mint Julips and Whip Stick. First off Mint Julips taste like a York Peppermint Patty so that alone is a big win. It smooths away dead skin and is edible. Whip Stick is orange and chocolate flavored and made with ultra hydrating shea butter and almond oil. I like to use these before bed and I put and extra thick layer of Whip Stick on so my lips will be ready for whatever stain, gloss or lipstick I apply in the morning.

Kat Von D's Painted Love Lipstick in Stiletto. This color, I think, was the first red I ever purchased that I was truly happy with and can wear year round. This is a 1950's red for sure with a slight orange undertone. I feel like this can be quite modern or pin-up and it is my favorite red and I am keeping my fingers crossed that when Sephora re-launches the lipstick line that this shade will still be included in the range, because I have the littlest bit of it left. *tears* (If anyone knows a shade and formula that's similar please tell me just in case this color gets retired.) 

Best Luxury would have to be YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in 4 Rouge in Danger. First off the packaging, can I just say that the packaging on this is gorgeous! I feel like Blaire Waldorf from Gossip Girl would have this in her bag. What else needs to be said? This is a somewhat shear/glossy lipstick that is hydrating and as the name suggests quite shiny.
Best Drugstore would be Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 085 Sugar Plum. This is a shear plum lipstick that just enhances the color of the lips and is just super flattering and moisturizing.
Mac's Flat Out Fabulous is an eye catching matte blue toned magenta/hot pink. Ugh!! This color just makes me all kinds of happy. It wears well and makes my teeth look whiter, because of the blue undertone. It is non drying and I just can't say enough about this. I was actually quite anti Mac lipstick (I know...thee unthinkable!!) until trying this baby.

This one was just sad. I reviewed this in one of my first ever blog posts and my opinion remains the same. No...just no to Too Faced Lip Insurance. It simply does not work for me. When I got it as a sample of my choosing I was so excited as a self proclaimed Lipstick Queen and was super bummed when it failed to do what is claimed. It's supposed to do away with feathering and makes your lipstick last longer. I put this on and straight away I hated the way it felt on my lips, but pushed through and topped it with lipstick and withing 15 minutes had to wipe it off in a Target parking lot and it left my lips feeling awful.

I used to say no, but when I got Urban Decay's Ozone clear liner that changed to a yes. It's perfect, because I don't want to have to buy a liner for every lipstick shade and it works great.

 I have always been an Urban Decay gloss fan and still have some (who remembers??) Pocket Rocket lip glosses with the holographic pictures of guys going from dressed to into their undies. Cheeky as always Urban Decay. ;) Those have been long discontinued though, so I was super excited when the Naked Glosses launched and I hunted them down! My favorite is in the shade Naked Gloss: Nooner because it is a close shade to my natural lips and is great with a natural look or smokey eye for that reason. These glosses are super hydrating which I don't always get from a gloss, but UD has added ingredients (much like their lipsticks) such as: shea butter, jojoba seed oil and grape seed oil.

I am so grateful for this category! I have two, though, cheating again! I placed another Melt order and got the shade Stupid Love, a much more traditional shade as far as the Melt Cosmetics go. I did a blog post about Melt Cosmetics here.This is an electric, hot, flamingo-pink. It's matte, as is the entire range. It's lovely for summer and looks amazing with an bit of Too Faced Sun Bunny dusted on the high points of the face. 
I'm adding this one because it didn't fit into any of the categories listed. I think everyone has that lip product they reach for when they feel a bit down in the dumps and need an instant pick-me-up as the day must go on. This is my go-to feel good shade: Urban Decay's Catfight. This is a gorgeous bright pink with a red base and blue undertone. It just makes me so happy and confident and it looks great with a navy cat-eye. The other thing I quite like about it is that it looks amazing on pretty much every skin tone. I've had lots of people swatch it and I haven't seen it look bad on anyone.

I hope you enjoyed this read and if you have a blog too 
I suggest you give it a go because it is super fun and super hard to pick some of these.  If you liked this post let me know with a comment or a like. Please follow my blog if you had a good read and 
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xoxo, Amanda
"Heels and red lipstick will put 
the fear of God into people." -Dita Von Teese


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