Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My LUSH Evening Skincare (with an appearance from Tarte!)

So I have recently switched out some of my evening/before bed skincare routine. My skin
tends to up the oil in the summer which means I adjust to a lighter daytime routine. This however leads to my skin not being as moisturized during the day since I don't typically use dewy foundations in the summer, instead reaching for a matte or satin finish for longer wear and less shine. This lead me to want to perk up my skin and take extra kind-care at night, giving lots of hydration to help it heal and recuperate from the dry, hot, hot, HOT! Nevada summer days. 
 Firstly I have finally found that my skin has taken and given a liking to Ultrabland from Lush Cosmetics.
This is an oil and beeswax makeup remover and skin cleanser. This is a definite "tip of the hat" to the cold creams of our grandmothers' time. Thick and creamy you just warm this Almond Oil, Rose Water and Beeswax formula up in your hands and massage all over the face and eyes to remove all of your makeup (even water-proof!) and the grime from the day. Then simply wipe away with a warm, wet, wash cloth.All that is left is the feeling that you haven't stripped your skin of all it has while still delighting in cleanliness. Good for all skin types...yes, even oily.
I then wipe Tea Tree Water all over my face with a cotton pad. I have used this stuff for about a year and I am honestly hooked! I only strayed once and my skin was simply not having that and I came running back to the alcohol free toner, filled with antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and oil balancing Juniper Berries.
Good for blemish prone skin or skin that needs a bit of balancing out.
If you read my blog you may have heard me speak of this gem before. If not here is a link to 
a post on it. I simply love Tarte as a whole and I must admit that this liquid gold in a purple bottle started the love affair. Though it is not the cheapest it is worth the price. I have seen my skin have better texture, fewer breakouts and a better natural glow since I first started using this oil winter 2013. I have gone from using it twice a day, everyday, to just at night with the occasional daytime use during the hotter months, but I am loving the Maracuja Oil underneath my summer moisturizer. This stuff is a must for me and I would repurchase a thousand times, though that would not be needed as it last for a very long time.
Good for all skin types.
I love Lush skincare as it has done wonders for my skin. I was breaking out over and 
over in the same places getting worse and worse scars all the time and products like Vanishing Cream are to be credited for that. This soothing, non-greasy lotion has a Lindseed Infusion (flax seeds), Rose Water, Jojoba Oil and Witch Hazel Extract, to reduce inflammation/irritation, help with spots and to moisturize whilst staying light on the skin. 
Good for skin that is combination to oily or for people who like a lighter feeling.
Lastly is a new, well needed addition to my regiment, Enchanted Eye Cream, a light, gentle 
and moisturizing eye cream that can be used on both the eyelid and under-eye area. Lavender Honey Water, Honey, Cold Pressed Almond Oil and Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil all come together to make a lovely moisturizer for the eyes. I love this as an avid makeup wearer sometimes my eyes go through a lot, sometimes a couple times a day whether for a blog post or simply for practice. They get primed, blended, smudged and glued, all that is a lot and the peeps could probably use a pick-me-up, not to mention I am starting to want to combat those encroaching, potential fine lines and moisture is the first line of defense.
Good for everyone!

So I hope you have enjoyed this post on how I take off all the makeup I am 
usually going on about on here. Let me know what skincare you think I should review if you have any suggestions for me. I want to thank everyone who reads my little corner of the internet as I know there are many blogs to read and it blesses me to know that you are readig mine! 
xoxo, Amanda
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