Friday, June 13, 2014

Pardon My French: Too Faced

I saw this adorable little kit when on, a dangerous place for me, 
and I knew I would put this kit to use. I was mostly drawn in by the palette (which is not much larger than an iPhone5) and figured that the rest was just a bonus, particularly the makeup bag. Too Faced includes a little post card like instructions on how to create three looks, a day, classic and fashion. I have done the three looks and must say I prefer to mix my looks myself and really only have recreated the day look multiple times, though I do think that these looks could be helpful if you are just getting into makeup. The stand out shades for me are Plumeria, Firefly, Chocolate Sun, Mermaid and Sunbeam. I guess that's
pretty much the whole palette.
So, was it worth the $49.00? Well, partly...I think that the palette is great quality and 
blends beautifully with little to no fall out. (Here comes the but, can you feel it?) Buuuut, I was not thrilled with the Lash Injection Mascara. I have reviewed the Too Faced LashGasm here and called it "...ironically anticlimactic." This mascara too is a let down. It doesn't coat lashes, but rather sticks to them and dries so quickly that it clumps up. I would not recommend this nor would I get it again, in fact I tried to use it just for the sake of this post and ended up just tossing it and using a Tarte mascara instead. The Shadow Insurance  is nice enough and does a good job of keeping things in place. My second "meh" moment is the jet black eye liner, though it is super glide on and buttery it is almost too buttery and doesn't stay on the water-line. You need to use a light hand to achieve control and precision in my opinion. I will however use this for a smudged out smokey eye, but I don't care for it within this palette's concept of a summer vacation with Instagram pics of the kit on a port in St. Tropez and all around France on the official
Too Faced Instagram account. 
What could have made it a hit? When I think of France, I think of light, airy,
high-fashion makeup, especially in the summer. I imagine, healthy, bronzed skin, flushed cheeks and a neutral eye in day and a played up lip or eye in evening. What I would've liked to see instead of a black eye pencil would have been a navy blue or teal eye pencil, staying with this summers trends, or a mini bronzer such as Beach Bunny to give a summer glow. I also would have loved to see Better Than Sex Mascara instead of LashGasm, because BTS is one of my favorite lash products.
Would I buy it again? Hmm...I think I would, for the palette alone. I have other shades 
close to these, but I like how small it is for travel, all the looks that can be created from it, along with the buttery, gorgeous texture. I think I would be happier if maybe the palette was sold on it's own for around $35. or with a couple different products that I would get more use out of. Oh, well, c'est la vie, as they say.
 What are your thoughts? Would you get this palette? Do you think it fits in with 
your ideas of a summer trip to France? Let me know in the comment box. If you enjoyed this review please let me know by liking and subscribing (if you're not already) to my blog. Lots of warm summer lovin'!
xoxo, Amanda
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