Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

My last review of Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation was a rave, so of course
my next move is to go out and buy the Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation and give it a go in hopes of falling in love all over again. I am normally quite uninterested to full coverage foundation as most I've tried are heavy, settle into fine lines after about six hours and can look a bit cakey. Tarte has done it, they have created a full coverage, buildable foundation that is not heavy, cakey or unnatural.
  My skin has been a little congested and spotty this last week, thus my skin is not 
looking its best, a perfect time to test a full coverage foundation I suppose. I must say I never thought I'd be putting my makeup free face on the internet...but here we are. 
This is a smooth foundation that blends beautifully and lasts amazingly.
I wore it to work the other night when I was closing the store which means wiping down counters and mopping floors and a bit of dewiness on my brow (that's a lady like way of sweating. haha). Through all of that my makeup looked fairly good, especially considering I applied it at about 11:00am and I finished my work day at 1:00am. I would say that this would be beautiful for a wedding or a night out as it is quite naturally flawless (an oxymoron), but it does have an SPF 15 which means camera flash back, AKA ghost face. It is a lovely day foundation if there will be no flash photography. I have the shade Light Neutral (light skin with pink and yellow undertones) and it is a perfect match for me. I do wish that it didn't have an SPF because I would like to use this for when I do other peoples makeup for special events. Other than that I love this foundation and have been using it a lot.

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xoxo, Amanda

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