Friday, June 27, 2014

Samples: What I Would & Wouldn't Buy!

You know that sample here and this sample there that gets tossed in your Sephora
 bag or gets included in your online makeup purchases from different cosmetic companies? Well, I had accumulated quite a few. The purpose of these samples are, of course, to get you hooked and induce late-night online shopping or a dash to the beauty counter. How often does this actually work? Probably often enough that they still give out samples. I decided to compile all of my trial size and samples for the past few orders and beauty trips and then one by one give them a go to see which I'd actually pick up and which I could take or leave and which I'd never use again.

This is my first try of a Becca product and it has made a good first impression. This is a satin to matte finish light-weight foundation with a medium-high coverage. This formulation does not feel heavy and because of its high water content does not get cakey. It doesn't have an SPF so it would be great for a wedding or flash photography. I would pick this foundation up and it comes in a wide color range (20 shades in total), so this would be good for a makeup kit for pros. 

Technology has come to a place that companies can sample powder products on a card. Not quite what Back To The Future 2 had in mind, but hey, I like it! I tried this shimmer and matte neutral palette three times and I liked it, it was nice enough, but I just don't see myself picking it up. Some of the shades simply weren't pigmented enough for my liking. If Smashbox launched a mini palette with just the matte shades though, I'd be picking that up straight away. This was a "I could live with or without it", for me.

Another powder card sample. I am already a huge Tarte fan and I think they just hit the nail on the head when it comes to skin care and skin products. I see my skin improve so much when I use there products. I love this shade and think it has a very natural looking flush on the skin. I would pick this up and probably will. (Ps. I have placed a Tarte order so I will be reviewing that soon.)

All I can say is brooonnzzzed!! I put this on as instructed and went to bed, when I woke it looked like I had been in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a week on the beach. I would say if I were going to be headed on a tropical vacation I would use this bronzer (and the body version) as it looked natural, not orange and worked quickly.

This is an eye treatment obviously meant to brighten the skin around the eye. It has a peppermint tingle which kind of spooks me when around my eyes. I tried it as directed 2-3 times a week and I saw no difference and I have quite purpley under-eyes so I would have. This for me is a product I would not get even if it were affordable.

This one I was quite excited with, it felt lovely and seemed to detox my skin nicely. I liked the smell and feel. It was a great before bed mask. I would pick this up though it is quite pricey (1.2oz for $69.) so it wouldn't be a quick grab.

I gave this stuff a chance and I didn't feel my skin feeling any better than with just moisturizer alone and definitively not as good as my Maracuja Oil from Tarte. I would not get this.  

This oil free moisturizer just didn't do it for me. I felt like my skin was dry when I woke up in the morning and didn't care for the way it sat under my makeup. I would not get this.

Becca: Ever-Matte Poreless Primer
I was not crazy about this straight away. It sets quickly so you need to work very fast with it. I would not get this for myself, but I think it would be really good for someone with oily skin or if you have acne scars as it would decrease shine a lot, minimizing the appearance of scaring.

So 4 out of 9 is not bad. I liked doing this little sample review and I hope 
you liked it too. I think I may make this a somewhat regular thing on here, as I get a lot of samples. What are some samples you've gotten and liked? Let me know in the comments or on my 
xoxo, Amanda


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