Monday, July 21, 2014

All That or All Chat?: They're Real Push-Up Liner

The time has come yet again for me to do another All That or All Chat? review of a super
hyped product. Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner may be one of the most anticipated product launches this year so far, right up there with last years Naked 3 launch and the Lorac Pro Palette.I got this liner the day it hit the shelves and the reason it has taken me so long to review it is that I myself wasn't really sure what I thought of it. Some days I'd try it and I'd hate it, even to the point of considering returning it to the store, other days I would use it and think it was quite nice and that I rather enjoyed using it. So...what's the verdict?
This little rubbery nib took quite a lot of getting used to. I felt as though I needed to toss out everything I had ever known about applying a cat-eye flick and take it in as something I had never done before. Once I went in with an experimental mind set things went smoother, no pun intended. I know some bloggers have said that this has really helped them achieve a wing that they had otherwise struggled with, but I personally would not recommend this for beginners in the gel/liquid liner world. I have been doing a cat eye since 16 and seven years later I was having a time with this.
I have gotten the hang of it though and I am fond of it now and use it when I need an ultra long wearing liner, because this stuff doesn't budge. I tried using traditional water proof makeup remover since it's claims are so near industrial on lasting power and it barley moved. I then went in with my oil and wax based cleanser from Lush Cosmetics, Ultrabland, and that did the trick! I still think I can achieve a sharper flick that takes less time to apply with other brands, but this is the blackest, most matte of them all.
So to wrap up all those flip-floppy thoughts from above; yes, I could see myself buying this again, but if I ran out I wouldn't have to re-purchase ASAP. I think the formulation is lovely and wish that it came in a pot so that I could add it to my makeup kit to use on others, because I'm not going to twist product out on the back of my hand to be sanitary and waste product that costs $24. when there are many other gel liners that could get the job done, some for less money. The verdict on this for me is a muddled All Chat. Though it is good it doesn't revolutionize eye liner by any means, but simply has given us an amazing formulation in a complex tool.

I hope this has been a helpful bit of info for you and that it was fun to read.
Do you see yourself using this liner and if you already have it was your experience different from mine and if so what tips do you have? Let me know in the comments or on TwitterInstagram or Tumblr. Please follow my blog if you enjoyed this and would like to see more from me.
xoxo, Amanda

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