Thursday, July 24, 2014

HourGlass: Ambient Lighting Palette

I've been eyeing up the Ambient Lighting Powders for a while. I wasn't exactly sure
what they were all about for a time, then I did some research and found that they are a soft focus finishing powder that basically helps blur imperfections while giving skin a glowing, healthy finish without looking powdery and softens harsh light. I wasn't sure if I would like an illuminating setting powder. I didn't want my whole face looking like a Twilight vampire that glitters in the sun, I don't think it translates outside of Stephanie Meyer's fictional realm. After swatching each shade in Sephora about four different times and still being unsure of how nice these would look on as a setting powder and then hearing blogger after blogger speak about how lovely they are, I bit the bullet and decided to get the Ambient Lighting Palette a trio of three shades, one of which is exclusive to the palette, Incandescent Light and two shades available for individual purchase Dim Light and Radiant Light priced at $58.
I tried swatching these, but as they're a finishing powders not much showed up in pictures
which is good in my opinion. I used Incandescent Light (center color) to set my under-eye area and Radiant Light (far right) all over my face and I really love it! The chocolaty bronze packaging looks luxurious, has a good sized mirror and feels nice to hold, the only downside is it gets finger prints on it very easily, but cleans quickly. The trio of shades are smaller than the individual shades, priced at $45. I am so glad I got this palette, it does just what it says and never once could I be compared to a vampire from Forks...maybe one from The Vampire Diaries though, the standard CW, young adult drama look of perfect skin and a natural radiance. But really, who doesn't love Blair Waldorf or Elena Gilberts' skin; perfectly soft, warm, lit from within, smooth, almost candle-lit look.
Pros: This gives the skin a soft, perfected finish without giving off a flat finish or a cakey look and sets makeup for the day and works for touch ups as well. It is light weight, colors for all skin tones are available in the range and it is free of talc, fragrance, gluten and parabens. It helps to lessen the appearance of skins imperfections. Looks good in all lighting even flash photography
Cons: This is by no means a budget conscious products, though worth the cash if you can swing it. This wouldn't be ideal for oily skin as it is not mattifying or very oil absorbing in my opinion. 

As you can probably tell this HourGlass trio has really done it for me with this product and now 
has me quite intrigued to explore more from their range of products. I'm a brush addict and am very interested in the Ambient Lighting Blush range and a little excited to get my beauty loving hands on some, but I'd love to know what you'd recommend for me to try if you've loved any HourGlass products, please recommend them to me in the comments section or tell me on TwitterInstagram or Tumblr. If you liked this and would like to see more from me be sure to follow my blog on here or on Bloglovin'. Thanks so much for reading this post and visiting my little corner of the internet.
xoxo, Amanda

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