Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just Save July: Cheeks

I hadn't really used that much from NYX Cosmetics in the past, but when I knew I would be 
doing Just Save July I knew that they would be a brand I wanted to be taking a look at, because not only am I building a freelance makeup kit, but I also knew that they made quality products at a super affordable price, I mean better quality than some drugstore brands at a better price.
I decided to start with five shades, yes, to start with, because these blushers are priced at an amazing $5.00 a piece. I like that they come in simple, professional looking packaging and that they also are available in three different finishes, matte, shimmer and glittery iridescence. 
Sand is a shimmery, golden sheen. I wouldn't use this as a blush, but as an eye shadow on anyone or as a highlight on someone quite bronzed. 
Taupe I got as a contour color. I saw this shade and again thought "I'll never use that as blush.". This is perfection for anyone who is very fair for contouring and is nice to mix in with a matte bronzer if you are darker as it gives a natural shadowed effect and is matte.
Coral Dream is just that, a soft, matte, coral-pink. This looks very nice on fair-medium skin tones and looks nice with a red lip as it is not too bold, but gives some life to the cheeks.
Cinnamon is a bright, matte orange. This is one of my favorite and I was worried when ordering that it wouldn't look natural or that it might be chalky. When I tested this out my worries were put to rest. This looks so natural on the cheeks, especially if you lightly stipple whatever is left on your foundation brush over it. I like this for men's makeup as well since it is matte and can give a bit of a sun kissed-plus look to the skin when placed on the high points of the face which can look healthy and rugged on men, since you usually don't want it to look like makeup at all. I would recommend using a duo-fiber brush to apply this. This looks good on almost all skin tones.
Red is what I picture Jane Eyre's cheeks to look like. This looks amazing on most skin tones, giving a healthy, real looking wash of color. This would be great just like Cinnamon for men's makeup. I would also suggest using a dual fiber brush with this one, because it is easy to use too much with this and look clownish and the duo-fiber brush will allow you to slowly build color. 
(PS, when doing men's makeup you don't put blush on the same planes of the face as you do on women. Maybe I'll see if I can find a guy who is willing to have makeup put on him for the sake of demonstration. Wish me luck!)
Here I am wearing Cinnamon applied with a Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Face Brush from the Duo-Fiber Collection which gave this natural pop of color, which is really close to my natural flush.

I hope this was helpful for you and that maybe this is just what you need in your makeup bag.
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xoxo, Amanda

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