Friday, July 18, 2014

Launch: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

So if you have read my previous post about the launch of these lipstick you know I have been very 
excited about them coming out. (If you missed that post click here .) Just the other day I asked one of the Sephora girls if she knew when they would be in store or online and she said she wasn't sure exactly as to when, but very soon! A rush of joy filled me! It was at that point that I began stalking Kat Von D's and Sephora's Instagram accounts for updates. Finally it happened! They are here and using my free VIB Rouge shipping I ordered six (out of the 30 shade range) knowing most store's shelves would be wiped clean of the long awaited release of these lipsticks.
Let's start with packaging...O to the MG!! These are beyond beautiful. If being a studded little vampire is your style you will love these and possibly even if you're not adverse to the sun. haha The attention to detail on this is in no way overlooked; from the KVD on the lid to the same design on the lipstick to the gun-metal colored bullet, every bit is lovely and makes you want to pull it from your purse just to gaze at it...which is why I've taken individual pictures of each shade I bought...I hope you like that, because I do.
The lightest shade in the line is Noble and I had to get it as I have not a shade like it. It says it's a light petal pink online, but I would say it's got a little golden peach in there too and looks even prettier in person than on
Lovecraft, this shade and I have a love affair, it has been on my blog before in my other Kat Von D post and I call it my favorite nude, but now it's matte. I'm not sure if they are keeping both textures or if the satin-sheen texture is being fazed out of the line. I assume the latter as shade by shade the range is shrinking with no sign of restock, unless this is for repackaging purposes (Please!!). I've asked around, but if you know please tell me in the comments. Lovecraft is very much in the family of the now famed Kylie Jenner pic shade of lipstick and is dead on when mixed with a bit Lolita (Look at swatches and you'll see what I mean.) If you don't know what picture I'm talking about, here it is.

Lolita is so on trend right now.This mauve-y/dusty rose shade is very '90s and I am loving it. Can't wait to try this with some natural eyes, big lashes and a good contour.
Hello lovely lady! Hexagram is a classic shade of red. It is described as a matte, blood red. I would say it is a bit more traditional (look at swatches below) than blood red, but still. I would use this for pin-up looks and tons more. Just yes!! 
Bauhua5, I assume it's pronounced boss, but is spelt like this since Kat is engaged to Deadmau5. This is a berry/purple shade with a blue undertone (white teeth!) and is lovely. I want to wear this with a smokey eye for a super vampy look.
The last shade I ordered is Motorhead, descibed as a black red shade, I'd call it a blood-red mixed with a blackberry shade, but hey, I love it. All the other shades were bought to de-pot and put into a lipstick palette for freelance makeup, but this one I picked for me. LOVE!
Here is Motorhead on with a simple cat-eye and cool toned nude matte eye makeup. (That's my happy "I got a Sephora shipment" face...enjoy! jk)

Okay, I know that was a lot of pictures, but I am so obsessed with this range that I wanted to 
marvel at them all. The formulation differs from the Painted Love line in that it is matte and is scented with a MAC like vanilla (to my dissatisfaction, as I like a scentless lipsticks, but it doesn't smell once applied) and the range of shades have multiplied greatly. I went out for Mexican food and this formula (much like the original) didn't need much touching up after eating and it didn't bleed. Yay!! In my opinion Kat Von D and Sephora have come threw again with a brilliant product. Priced at $21. these lipsticks aren't what I'd call affordable, but they're no YSL either. If you'd like a look for yourself click here. 

I hope that this post has you as excited as me, which may be difficult, and that it was informative.
Do you plan to get any of the shades in this line? Do you want them to keep the original formula? Let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts! If you'd like to see more from me follow my TwitterInstagram and Tumblr. Thanks for reading and may your lips always look fabulous!
xoxo, Amanda

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