Friday, July 4, 2014

Tarte: Rainforest After Dark Review

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and Tarte Cosmetics (one of my faves) 
posted that they were launching this new eye and cheek palette. I went to to buy it ASAP as it is limited edition and I loved the look of it. This is a Fall 2014 launch for Tarte, oh fashion and beauty, always a season ahead. This is included in part of my Just Save July series since it is a great bang for your buck with 6 eye shadows, a highlighter, a bronzer and blush for the nice price of $38.
The packaging is great and is just slightly smaller than a CD and about two inches thick, this palette is perfection  for travel and it comes with two how-to looks.
 The Eye Shadows are a joy to use and nicely pigmented. purples can often be a bit of a pill to blend but these swirl together smoothly and feel lovely on. The shimmers have little to no fall out and have the most velvety, smooth texture and the mattes are super matte. My only slight hitch with this palette is that the mattes are not the smoothest and take a little bit more work to blend out. The darker the matte shade the less smooth the texture seems to be. Maybe that is an Amazonian Clay thing, though. Even with that, I would still buy this and recommend it to anyone looking to add to there collection or looking to start one out. Also, this would be great for makeup beginners as it has every powdered face product you need to create a lot of looks from natural to smokey.

The bronzer is coming off a little orange in the swatches, but is no where near orange in person or on the face, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Anyhoo, I am super pleased with this purchase and am quite impressed with Tartes eye shadows as this was my first (but surely not last) toe into the 
Tarte eye shadow pool. 
To create this softly-smokey look on my eyes I used:
 Champagne, Bare To Explore, Make A Mauve, Plum Away With Me, Up To No Gold & 
Don't Turn A-Brown.
The Highlighter shade is so nice I would buy it as a stand alone product and to be honest it has knocked my Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo out of first place when it comes to cheek highlighters, because it is so smooth and natural looking. This soft focus glow is buttery and doesn't look at all cakey. This is some holy grail stuff right here.

The Bronzer, as you can tell, is not orange, it is a nice cool toned bronzer with a nice soft cocoa powdery look. This blends very well and works perfectly for contouring. It has a similar texture to Too Faced Chocolate Soleil.

The Blush is partly what Tarte is best known for; natural looking, long lasting smooth, buttery, blushes. It does really last so long, I had put it on at around 10:30am and gone to work and it looked the same at 9:00pm that night. It really last 12 hours as promised. 

I hope you liked this review and that it had answered any questions you may have had
about this palette. For more from me be sure to follow my blog, TwitterInstagram and Tumblr.
Please feel free to comment and let me know if there is something you think I should try and would you get this palette for yourself?
xoxo, Amanda

Ps: If you don't live in a country that Tarte ships to, it is also avialable on

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