Friday, August 22, 2014

Autumn Lip Colors

How has it happened that it is nearing the end of summer already? Yes, yes, I'm quite sure
we all say these such things every year, "My, how time flies by!", maybe an  unoriginal thought, but it still hold up. A classic, I suppose. What this means, though is that not only are seasons changing, but so are the fashions, so I thought I'd start with the lip colors I'm planning to be wearing this fall. In southern Nevada we are finally cooling down a bit, still in the 90's, but the low 90's, (know to recognize your victories), but we are on the off ramp to summer and approaching the on ramp to cooler weather and then my favorite time of all...Winter! I'm getting ahead of myself...Fall has yet to hit and I'm already dreaming of winter coats and freezing temperatures. Enough of my professions of love for the colder months, let's get down to what you clicked this post for...LIP PRODUCTS!!

First up, my go to early fall shade from Urban Decay is Bang, a bright orange/red lipstick with a satin finish and a look that just says it's time to start wearing a beanie and ordering hot drinks from Starbucks. (Pumpkin Spice!!) It it bright, but not in a summer-y way, at least in my eyes. This was an unexpected favorite last year and it's making a come back! Hear I am wearing this shade last Thanksgiving.

Next up is a gloss from Buxom from the Full Bodied Gloss line that just hits all the high notes for me: it doesn't feel too sticky, has good pigmentation, looks subtle, yet still present, it doesn't smell sickly sweet and it stays in place well. This shade Dolly is shimmering mauve that looks great on natural days, but is my favorite with a smokey eye.

Now if you are a reader of my blog, it is most likely no shock that I am going to list not one, but two Kat Von D lipsticks. If you're new to Lipstick Is A Life I have a bit of a love affair thing going on with these matte lipsticks. ;) #1 Lolita...this is a very 90's kind of dusty, mauve-y, rose with a brick undertone. It's just very cool and looks good with pretty much any makeup look. It reminds me of a shade a super-model of the time would have worn. #2 Bauhau5 this is the perfect autumnal shade. It's a vampy, wine, berry tone that just screams fall time! This would look good on most skin tones.

What would fall be without an outstanding red? After originally hearing Amelia Liana Beauty go on and on about how fab this stuff was and then the blogging/vlogging echo that soon followed I had to give this stuff a try for myself. Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red  is a bit of a star, at first try I thought, "Nah, this isn't all that." I thought that it didn't pull ahead of any other liquid long-wear lipstick, that dried matte, that I had tried. I, as always. tried it a for a couple of weeks so that I had a true opinion and after much testing I can say that it is in fact better. It doesn't dry out your lips, it doesn't have that pruned feeling and can be touched up easily. I will say I didn't find it "burger proof", but it held up quite well for some sushi and through any drink. This, to me, is a 1950's red that looks like you could be pouring a cherry cola at a soda shop on a pair of roller skates or vacuuming in your finest pearls. This is a beautiful red and will be a dream for the upcoming holiday social season! I suggest a cat-eye and perhaps a set of heels if you're feeling fancy to wear along with this cream lip stain.
So those are the five shades that I predict will be getting a lot of lip time this autumn.
What are your favorite fall/winter lip shades? What should I try? Let me know in the comments! If you'd like to see more posts from me please follow my blog here or on Bloglovin'. You can also follow me on TwitterInstagram and Tumblr. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
xoxo, Amanda

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