Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness Friday: #3

This week was a bit odd as far as my fitness goes. I had two days with pounding headaches
which could be allergies coming back as it cools off a touch in Southern Nevada a secondary alergy season hits. I didn't want to let that get me down, though. Normally, me being super competitive, even with myself, I let a week like this discorage me, but that is not productive. So instead, I let it just be. This coming week will be better and a more productive fitness week. This week will begin me adding no sweets (for a while) to my fitness plan. Like I said last week, people form habits, so by slowly changing habits every few weeks it makes it easier to do.

This week I am planning to work out at least three days and I am not going to let that become a chore, but a fun time to focus on relaxing and reaching my goals! Also I am planning to freshen up my wordrobe a bit. For some reason I find that getting some new outfits I feel special and tend to focus more on my fitness and good, healthy eating. 

So, what keeps you on track with your fitness? Let me know in the comments!
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xoxo, Amanda

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