Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitness Friday: #1

This week I didn't post as much about beauty as I normally do, but that is because I
 was starting to get into the swing of being actively working out again. If you haven't read my last health post you can find out more here. This week I ran 10 miles in total and oddly enough I wasn't sore after about 2 years of being away, my body took to running like riding a bike. At first my lungs burned and I struggled to keep going. I knew I needed to hit my threshold and run past it and then I could keep going. The key thing I had to remember was that I can do more with my body than it tells me I can, so that means when my legs told  me to stop and rest I had to just not stop and run past the pain. There comes a point (at least for me) where I think I have gone as far as I can and if I can just push past that point for about five minutes I get an endorphin rush and I can run about another mile and a half. 

The body is an amazing machine that will do what it must to survive. I always think about this hike I went on almost 2 years ago where me and my group were in the desert in 130F weather, without enough water, hiking up and down rock formations, burning our hands on the hot rocks and I was able to push my body harder than ever before. Under those circumstances it didn't tell me to stop very often and then not at all, because the bodies only job is to keep living, whether it's healing a paper cut and fighting infection or letting you hike and be in the wilderness trying to find help for about ten hours. The body will do a lot for you and it is set up to push past pain and endure. I remembered that this week and thought how I did that so surely I could do this.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like these fitness posts. A beauty post will be up very soon
so if that's what you come to my blog for don't fret it will still be coming out as it normally does. If you'd like to see more from me please be sure to follow here or on Bloglovin'. Also I am on TwitterInstagram &  Tumblr. Let me know what gets you motivated to stay fit in the comments.
xoxo, Amanda

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