Friday, August 22, 2014

Fitness Friday: #2

Week 2 of getting back into fitness was a bit different than week 1; to start with I did a bit 
of boxing and let me tell kicked my butt. The next day my arms hurt, but it was the day after that that was the worst, I mean sitting down was a struggle. Did I mention that on my boxing days I also do lower body training, like squats and kicks? I felt a little less motivated this week, but I worked on pushing myself to do things I really wasn't that into doing by focusing on the end result of accomplishment that would follow. When I wasn't feeling like doing anything I would listen to some music to pump me up or if I had the time maybe an action movie, I find those sorts of films oddly motivating, I'm not sure if it's because they make me think of all these crazy scenarios that you would need to be fit for or if it's the musical scores to the movies, but either way I find them to light a fire under me. 

I have decided to take a "one thing at a time" approach as I get back into my fitness. Humans, by nature, are habit forming, this means that changing many things at once is very difficult and often ends in slip up. Instead of attempting to change everything I need to work on I'm doing one thing for four weeks before I add another thing to the list. For example: For 4 weeks I will only focus on fitness, after those first 4 weeks I will begin focusing on fitness and cutting out processed sugar, and 4 weeks after that fitness, no processed sugar and cutting back on fried foods. Now I don't eat tons of those foods, but I do have them more often than I should. So just four weeks at a time and soon enough I will be living a very healthy lifestyle yet again.

What do you do to keep motivated when you just aren't feelin' a workout? Let me know what 
gets you moving. If you want to see for Fitness Fridays be sure to follow me through Google+ or on Bloglovin'. I am also on TwitterInstagram & Tumblr. I hope you liked this post and if you did let me know. Today is a double post day, so if you'd like to see what lip products I love for fall click here.
xoxo, Amanda

PS. Here is a little motivation if you're in a workout slump that got 
my competitive nature all revved up! 

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