Monday, August 25, 2014

Lush: Self Preserving Dream Cream

Lush Cosmetics is now offering Self Preserving versions of their hit, best sellers, 
including Dream Cream, Ocean Salt and Mask of Magnaminty, as the company is, with much effort, working to be completely self preserving. These new self preserving products were years in the making, testing variations in the Lush Inventors Kitchen and now they are available to bring home. If you don't know about Dream Cream, it is Lush's best selling hand and body lotion for people with eczema, sensitive skin or who just plain love it. It's Oat Milk base and long list of soothing, redness reducing, gentle ingredients, such as, Rose Water, EV Olive Oil, Rose Absolute, Lavender Oil and Chamomile Blue are what make this product so good for skin that needs some extra gentle, moisturizing love. In fact company founder Mark Constantine says Dream Cream is his favorite product, because so many people write Lush telling stories of how it changed their skin for the better and in a way their lives'.

I was re-stocking on my stand by products and I was trying to decide if I wanted to pick up the O.G. Dream Cream or the new Self Preserving Dream Cream (not yet listed online). I decided to try the "new classic" Lush is offering both options as they stand by their use of safe synthetics, but also want to offer an alternative to customers who would prefer self preserving. The fresh handmade cosmetics company compares it to the dairy aisle at the market; you have options to choose whole milk or skim milk, but both are milk. They want the same for their shoppers aka Lushies.
Are there differences aside from one being Self Preserving? Yes and no. The shelf life is the same and while the ingredients list hasn't changed outside of the less than 1% safe synthetic, food grade preservative found in the Dream Cream (also naturally found in Blueberries), the Self Preserving Dream Cream does have a higher amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil giving it a thicker, more velvety texture on the skin. I find the light smell or lavender lingers less on me with the S.P., but every one's skin and natural body chemistry could be different with that. Lush says that the new S.P. products may feel/look different, but the effects on the skin will be equal to there couterparts.

So, what do you think of this? Would you be more likely to buy one over the other?
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