Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monthly Favorites: July 2014

So I haven't really done a "Favorites" in a few months. Fail! It's not been because I haven't 
liked/loved things it's just that I had more exciting things to talk about at the moment, but I have some real stand outs that I keep reaching for again and again, so here they are, my July 2014 Favorites!

Urban Decay Naked Palette The original naked product from UD and possibly the start to the neutral palette craze that has taken over the world. I was not really drawn to this when it launched or after and I still do not own Naked 2. I just wasn't into neutrals at the time. I loved wearing tones of colors and I had single neutrals I used when the mood struck me. It's been a few years and I'm older, more mature and looking for more sophisticated looks and after falling for Naked 3 I had my eye on this baby and I couldn't stop using it.

I did a full post here on this little number and I am obsessed! This finishing powder sets makeup without looking powdery or weighed down and flat. It gives the skin a soft luminosity that is beautiful and healthy looking.

This is one of my top five foundations and I did a rave post here if you want to know more about it. The reason I kept reaching for this is because southern Nevada has been getting a lot of rain combined with high temperatures (110F+ degrees) resulting in humidity and a powder foundation is just the way to go when things get sticky. I am loving this weather as I adore rain and grey skies and also it is bringing down the temperature and this foundation wears so well in this weather. 

This dual ended bush has a  flat edge brush and a spooly brush. I got this mostly for the spooly, but I like the flat brush for getting a defined outline for my brows. It's great for getting very structured brows and the spooly is very nice!

I have a full review of this guy here, but as it is in my favorites I guess you can deduce that I like this product, which when first purchasing and trying this I did not anticipate at all. My first few goes at this liner were hate, hate, hate, but once I got the hang of this I used it a lot.

I used this blush a lot this month because I kept doing bold lips and/or eyes and I didn't want too much going on on my cheeks, but I also didn't want to look dead and this did the trick!

This is my absolute favorite glitter eye makeup primer. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky once glitter is applied. I used this a lot along with my Naked 3 palette this month as they it has some very pretty high/shimmer shades that I didn't see showing up as intensely as I wanted. I wanted it to look as intense as in the pan, so I would prime my eye as normal and then I would top just the inner third of my lid with Glitter Glue and I would immediately follow up with the shimmer shade  before it dried and it was just like the in pan shade.

The Perversion Mascara is new to the Urban Decay range and this is the first UD mascara that I have ever used, which as a big Urban fan is a bit surprising even for me, but I guess I was waiting for the best! Subversion I believe has been out for a while, but I have never been drawn to it as I have always found primers to never do much for me and I never got a black finish because the white primer would turn my mascara more of a grey tone. Well this is a hit! These two work wonders together for the blackest, black, long lashes. 

This deep berry shade has a beautiful kind of crushed blackberry shade and looks so lovely with a smokey eye or no-makeup makeup. It reminds me of a very turned up version of what I picture woman is Wuther Heights to wear or a Marc Jacobs fashion show. (Same thing, right? haha) Swatched for this are here. Even though I got eight shades from the new re-launched I kept wearing this every day and I loved it for the rainy weather and I think it's perfection for autumn/winter.

RCEP by Rusty Clanton
 RCEP - EP, Rusty Clanton I  got this EP a few weeks ago and keep on playing it. It was released last year and is so good! You can check out some of his stuff on YouTube here if you haven't before. If you like the sing songwriter/folky vibes you will enjoy this. I can not stop playing this!  

That's it for my July Favorites! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and let me know in the 
comments if you like favorites posts and what you could not stop using last month. I hope you have a great August! If you'd like to see more from me please follow my blog here or on Bloglovin'. I'm also on TwitterInstagram and Tumblr. Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Amanda 

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