Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I'm Loving Duo-Fiber Brushes

Lately I keep finding myself reaching for duo-fiber brushes again and again. At first I ordered 
some because I didn't have any and I thought I needed some for my free-lance kit to use on someone young or for someone who doesn't normally wear a lot of makeup, of course I ended up trying them out on myself to see if I liked them and so that I could get a feel for how they apply makeup. Surprise, surprise I really liked them. I enjoyed the lighter application and I feel like my skin liked it too. 
Duo-fiber basically means just that, there are two textures of fiber bristles, the denser bristles are set lower and the more feathery-soft bristles are peaking out from the dense ones giving the brush an ultra soft application of makeup. I have the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection and the Stippling Brush
I have been using the stippling brush to apply my Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation and I think it's the best application I have ever had with this foundation. (It also works well with the Smash-Box Halo foundation.) The duo-fiber face brush is amazing for applying super bright blushes as it allow a buildable application and the end result looks like a real flush of the cheeks and when used with a powder highlight...*angels sing*. The duo-fiber contour brush is nice for days you want to add dimension but also don't want the "beat face" look. In fact the contour achieved with this brush is so blended it is nearly undetectable, but still managers to contour. What is this duo-voodoo? Lastly the adorable, perfect duo-fiber blending brush...love, let me count the ways!! I have never blended a smokey eye so flawlessly or gently. You can also run this brush over and over your eye with no irritating feeling at all. I will be buying more of these brushes and I recommend them to anyone who doesn't want/need full coverage makeup or just wants amazing blending tools. These would be wonderful also for makeup beginners as they make blending too easily and help to prevent over application and could help you learn to slowly build.
I used these four brushes to do my makeup in this picture (other than for brows and a dome shadow brush for packing on pigment) as you can tell my skin looks very much like skin. You can see some freckles (aka eternal youth) and the blush looks like my own, even the highlight is very "barely there". 
Over all I think these are just the bee-knees! I think with a natural/nud eye and brown mascara you could easily pull off a "no makeup makeup look" with these. They are fairly priced and are great quality and they feel nice to hold in your hand. They're super soft and they are my new every day go-to brushes.

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xoxo, Amanda

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