Friday, September 5, 2014

Fitness Friday: #4

I can't believe this is my fourth Fitness Friday! That for some reason feels like an 
accomplishment to me. I must admit that blogging about this has made me more focused, as I know that I want to write something purposeful and encouraging. Last week I had not been the most motivated and I had several headaches that held me back, this week however I felt much better and excited about this process of getting back into fitness and considering myself an athlete once again. I have realized through writing about all this that a great deal of my identity is in being a competitive, athletic person and I am feeling more like myself again, but this time I am cutting myself more slack and not letting a trip ruin my whole race. I was thinking about how much it means to me to be able to be getting back to an athletic lifestyle, that I wondered at how many other people have also suffered injuries from one thing or another that may have left over aches and pains, (I go into more mine here.) so I thought that I should share what has been a helpful tool for me. 

I have been using Fair Trade Foot Lotion from Lush for about a year to help with my knee pain and on my feet after a long day of standing or after a run. I know what you may be thinking...foot lotion...on your knee? Yes! This stuff is not just a moisturizing foot cream, it is a naturally anti-inflammatory lotion that can be used anywhere on the body where you may have swelling, arthritis, bruising or even just tension and muscle aches. The powerful list of ingredients is a high amount of an Arnica Infusion, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Targetes Oil, along with a list of hydrating ingredients like Almond Oil, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and Lanolin. This lovely pink lotion also smells like a light peppermint bark candy due to what's in it and it leaves the skin so very soft and moisturized.
If you don't know about some of these ingredients allow me to explain why they are so very helpful, not only to feet, but to any part of the body.
Arnica is a golden, yellow flower that has been used for hundreds of years for it's effectiveness with stimulating the immune system and pain relief. It is an astringent herb with anti-inflammatory abilities and can clear fungal and bacterial infection. So it is completely perfect for anyone doing anything that strains the body. It's kind of natures super Advil with no negative side affects.  
Spearmint & Peppermint Oil are great for cooling the area and stimulating circulation. The smell of both of these is great for relieving head aches as well.
Targetes Oil is used for flavoring in many things, but in this case it is added for its anti-fungal and antimicrobial effect, which is why it is perfect on the feet, it also adds to the fresh smell of both the product and your skin after application. 

Have you used Fair Trade Foot Lotion before and if so, has it gone anywhere but your feet?
Tell me in the comments! What are your favorite fitness tools to stay well while keeping fit? I'd love to know. If you liked this please follow my blog through Google or on Bloglovin'. I also have TwitterInstagram & Tumblr. Thanks for reading and I'll have a beauty post up for you soon.
xoxo, Amanda

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