Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How I Do: A Modern Pin-Up Look

The Pin-Up look is probably my most worn makeup look over the years. Whenever I 
want to feel really fancy or more myself I reach for a cat-eye flick and a bold lip. Pin-up girls (to me) somehow balance being ultra feminine while also being strong and in charge. What is more powerful than a girl who can be both of those things amongst many others. With all of that in mind I did a bit of a modern take on one of the most classic looks by making it a bit more smokey and shimmery.
To give my skin a velvety texture and to achieve strong brows I used:
To give my face shape and dimension I used:
For my pin-up eye look and lips I used:

To begin I highlighted with #1 in the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone. After that I took #4 through the crease and blended a bit above the crease to create more depth.
I then swept #2 in the inner 2/3 of the eye lid, followed by working #5 into the crease and into the outer V of the eye.
For the final touch I added #3 in the center of the lid to give it a bit of glamour with some glitter.
What would a pin-up look be without a cat-eye and a few good lashings of mascara?
Here is the finished look! I quite like it and I hope very much that you did too.
What look do you feel most like yourself in? Let me know in the comments! If you'd like to see more posts like this please follow my blog here or on Bloglovin'. I also have a Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr.
xoxo, Amanda

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