Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Tarte Best in Faux Extending Fibers

If you spend anywhere near as much time as I do at cosmetics stores or online you will
know that the new trend seems to be a lot of primers and nylon fiber have been hitting the shelves over the last few months. I've seen the Tarte Best in Faux - Extending Fibers for a while and every time I would go to grab it I'd end up putting it back and being unsure about the idea in general; putting nylon fibers on your lashes seems a tad scary, especially as a contact wearer. Finally, though, I bit the cosmetic bullet and decided to give it a whirl...for science! That's what all us beauty bloggers are doing, right...scientific trials? haha
The box comes with a large tube of the Best in Faux Fibers and a mini tube of Tarte's best selling Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara, which is a favorite of mine for volumized, fluffy, yet natural looking lashes.
Here are my naked lashes.
You start with a few good lashings of mascara and then you pop on a few wiggles of the fibers. This is where it gets kind of can't really see it doing anything at all unless you look in a magnified mirror. Then you toss on another coat or two of mascara and you're done!
The fibers do add some volume to the lashes, I didn't see a massive amount of length added that couldn't be achieved with a lengthening mascara, though. The results looked very good and had an almost natural quality to it. My lashes were longer, fuller, darker and yet still had a softness to them, a sort of feathery affect. I think this duo would be nice for a "no-makeup-makeup" look for that reason.  
I had this pairing on for about 10 hours and some of the fibers did fall down onto my face a bit. I was able to brush them away with a fluffy powder brush. Around 8 hours in I also had a mascara coated fiber fall into my eye which made my eye get red, as anything in your eye does. Once I got it out and popped in some eye drops everything was fine, so it was definatly the piece that got in my eye not the over all product on my eyes. 
Over all I like this product well enough, but I'm not sure I see myself buyng it over and over again like the mascara it's paired with which has been purchased about four different times. It's not a purchase that I regret or won't keep using, it's just not a must have in my opinion. But over all Tarte is still in my top 5 makeup brands.

Tell me, have you tried the Best in Faux or any other nylon fiber lash products and if so,
what was your experience with them? I'd love to know! Also what is your (at the moment) holy grail lash product that you think everyone should try? I hope you enjoyed this review and that it helped you in your journey to the perfect makeup collection. If you want to see more posts like this from me don't forget to follow me here or on Bloglovin'! 
xoxo, Amanda
Ps. All eye shadows were from the
Vice 3 palette. For a full review on that

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