Friday, October 31, 2014

A Relaxing Night In...

 I have spoken before about how I deal with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), I say deal 
with because "suffer with" makes it sound as though it is a 24/7 thing that effects me, when in reality there are days that I don't notice it and then there can be weeks where I feel overwhelmed and like I don't know how to come down from the feeling of consuming I deal with it and find ways to cope with it better. To quote Samuel Beckett- "Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." I may not always succeed at managing my anxiety, but by trying I do better and better. 

This leads me to finding ways to relax more often. By drinking tea before bed, creating routine, finding smells that soothe me and taking time to slow down. Some people can go, go, go, I am not one of those people; I need time to unwind and decompress from the day/week. At times my peers find this difficult to understand, but I have to know my limits, even when I find them frustrating.
Here is what I did to relax recently:

1) First I painted my nails with China Glaze Ravishing Dahling, this oxblood red color is so nice for fall/winter and last very well. Painting your nails takes focus and pulls the mind away from running around and worrying. Many detailed tasks will do this, as they require all focus to be on them, which busies the mind, keeping it away from obsessive worry/stress.

2) Then I made myself some tea. I find the practice of making tea very relaxing in itself. I used my favorite Alice in Wonderland tea cup and used Sleepy Time tea from Celestial Seasonings. The tea is caffeine free and is relaxing with Chamomile, Spearmint.

3) It's Christmas at Lush and that means Cinders bath bombs are back and they are my favorite. With the smell or orange and clove and loaded with popping candy the bomb sounds like a crackling fire. Relaxing the body with its warm and spicy ingredients this bomb is something I stock up on each year. This year they have launched Hot Toddy and oh my...this spicy shower gel warms the skin as you lather and is perfect with Cinders. I go into full detail on Hot Toddy and other Christmas launches from Lush here.

4) Finally, I take my iPad in the bathroom and prop it up on a laundy basket (what glamour!) and watch some Netflicks. I've been watching Criminal Minds, which sounds like it would stress me out, but I focus so much on the psychology of the whole thing I forget about what's winding me up. I am also re-watching Gilmore Girls for the 3000th time (PS the Jess years are my favorite.)

I hope my little routine gives you some ideas of how you can unwind whether you have GAD
 or if you just need to take a minute to take care of you. There is just something so wonderful about tending to your own well being. What do you do to unwind? Tell me in the comments! 
xoxo, Amanda

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