Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All That or All Chat? MAC Vanilla Pigment

If you frequent YouTube or many beauty blogs I'm sure you've heard of MAC's Vanilla
Pigment, whether you heard it's beauty shouted from the metaphorical mountain tops or spoken of in hushed reverent tones, you have heard of it. It is what we all call in the beauty community a "Cult Classic" makeup item. I don't know if this is just me, but sometimes when things are so hyped up I don't run out to buy them. Of course I crack and hop up to the counter asking quite assuredly "Can I have *fill in the cult product* please!" and then head home to play with this new beauty toy, hoping it's as great as they all say.
This hailed product by all those in the fair complation range is lovely. It is like if angels had dust like fairies do, this would be it. It is wonderful because it doesn't have a powdery look to it on the skin. It's just a high beam of light coming from your cheek bones!
All that or all chat? I'd say it's all that!! Vanilla Pigment by MAC did not disappoint. The amount needed to create amazing highlights on the face are so little I will probably repurchase for sanitary reasons or age before I run out. Priced at $21 in the original size (which is what I got) or $10 for the sized to go, it's a great value.

Tell me, what's the "cult" beauty product you haven't tried is and why. Is it on your list or
has it been added in and out of your shopping cart? What is a beauty favorite you think I must try?
Thanks for commenting and reading and happy highlighting.
xoxo, Amanda

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