Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall/Winter Lush Products

We are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year...the holiday season; a time
when the air is filled with scents of cozy food, warm, spiced ciders and if you're a Lush Cosmetics lover all the best festive smells that are too adorable to handle. This year Lush has launched Christmas a little early alongside the Halloween products, some of which will be staying through the Christmas/end of the year...or as long as they hold out on the shelves. These are not all the products Lush launched for the holidays, perhaps another post will take place...we'll see.
First off, Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is a scented with something you may know if you are a hardcore "Lushie"; it's the smell of Mr. Punch soap, a Limited Edition Christmas Soap. Crumble under running water and the air is filled with juniper berry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil to lift your spirits this #LUSHoween.
Wizard Bubble Bar is a handsome little fella filled with detoxing powers; fennel oil, ylang ylang oil and juniper berry oil fill the tub with stimulating spicy, purple water.
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb was a favorite of mine from last year and luckily stays around until after the new year. The fizzy bomb turns water the color of red wine and smells like fair trade vanilla absolute, black pepper oil and patchouli oil. Perfect for chilly winter nights. Now for Christmas...
Here's a little music to  read along with, if you so fancy!
Northern Lights Bath Bomb smells like another Christmas Favorite, Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. It reminds me of the smell of crisp night air in the winter for some reason. It was inspired by the Northern Lights (of course!) and has many different colors inside, along with sparkly stars. This bomb smells like jasmine absolute and ylang ylang, it also is filled with popping candy. Oh, Lush!
Sparkler Bath Bomb was inspired by what else but fireworks! It also has popping candy like Northern Lights and smells like the well loved Rose Jam perfume. As rose oil, Egyptian geranium oil and Sicilian lemon oil fill the air golden sparkles fill your tub! The glitter is food grade so it dissolves, making it safe for you to bathe in and for your drain.
OMG! How cute is this bear? If you like Butterball Bath Bomb, you'll enjoy this little Butterbear Bath Bomb made of the same goodness; Fairtrade organic cocoa butter, ylang ylang (Fun Fact: meaning flower of flowers) and cocoa powder. This little bear helps to hydrate your skin and calm the mind.
Dashing Santa Bath Bomb is bringing a citrus smell when he fizzles away, leaving the aroma of manderine oil, orange flower absolute and a bit of snowflake luster for a shimmering effect. 
So White Shower Gel! If you love Lush, you understand how exciting this launch is. So White (inspired by Snow White's apple) is a bath bomb that comes back over and over again. It is adored amongst Lushies and smells like a crisp, tart, fresh, apple. This year along side the bomb we all have been gifted So White Shower Gel!! *Heavens open, angels since, light shines down* This white, shimmering, shower gel fills the tub or shower with that same So White scent of Bergamot oil, rose absolute and neroli oil, which is scientifically proven to increase the serotonin production. Apples don't have an essential oil, so this blend does the trick to recreate that smell.
Do you want to build a snowman? Because Lush thought you just might. So they've created Snowman FUN Kit. If you don't know what fun is, it's a play dough, soap, bubble bath, shampoo, created to raise money for relief efforts in Japan after the Tohoku earthquake and nuclear power plant disaster that followed in Fukushima. Lush has stores in Japan and wanted to help so they started the FUNd, every purchase of FUN  helps by donating 2.5% to the FUNd. Learn more by clicking here.
Snowman FUN Kit smells like Easter's Carrot Soap that had a fresh smell that reminded me of fresh carrot juice and citrus. The oils that perfume this soon to be Snowman are Sicilian lemon oil, buchu oil, gardenia extract and bergamot oil. And of course...*singing* It doesn't have to be a snowman...
Hot Toddy...oh, how I have been excited by you. I am a fan of the spicy smells, to me they are the most warming and cozy. Hot Toddy is one of those smells and it is filled with sparkles. This is a tingly, yet soothing, shower gel filled with Argan oil, organic rose absolute, Fair Trade aloe vera, ginger, clove leaf oil and patchouli oil with a bit of sweet orange oil to top it off. It smells yummy enough to drink and is so nice on the skin. I will be needing Two large bottles...that is a fact.

Drummers Drumming Reusable Bubble Bar that "hits all the right notes for strawberry lovers". It is both grounded yet uplifting with Olibanum oil, bergamot oil and geranium oil that swim together to create a strawberry scented mountain of bubbles. Also...jingle bells.
 First Snow Dusting Powder is for shimmer lovers. If you have never used a dusting powder from Lush it is basically a beautifully scented powder to keep you from feeling overly oily from a thick lotion or can also be used to prevent any sticky/rubbing feeling on skin in the summer or in overly heated holiday parties. This however is an extra special one. Last holiday season Lush Celebrated the launch of their first ever self preserving lotion called Celebrate. It has a super citrus aroma with a bit of a champagne smell, creating a fruity scent. The stuff sold like gangbusters and they heard the cries of joy and responded by not only bringing back the adored Limited Edition lotion this year, but also by introduced a powder with the same perfume of sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil. First Snow filled with all the magic of a first winters dusting of the white stuff and delivers the same winter sparkle.
First Snow Dusting Powder is a Holiday party must if you want to sparkle and smell delish!
My poor little Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar's quills got a bit smooshed, but I think he's cute all the same. I guess that is the beauty of hand made products, the humanity that is found in the variations. This little guy smells so soothing with a lavender oil and ylang ylang scent and organic shea butter to soften. I see saving this cutie for a day where I am feeling a bit wound up before bed. 
Lastly, Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt. Scented like the cult classic, Snow Cake Soap, this bath melt filled with a marzipan scent and fair trade organic cocoa butter, cassie absolute and benzoin resinoid, gardenia extract and rose absolute. This angel will give you a golden glitter show and hydrate your skin while soaking in a hot bath. I'm thinking of mixing this with Butterbear and washing up with some Hot Toddy for spice.

Do you love Lush? Which product do you want to try this holiday season or what do you look
forward to in their holiday range? Tell me in the comments! By the way if you loved Rose Jam Shower Gel last year, no need to fret, it is making a comeback this year!! **
xoxo, Amanda

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