Friday, October 10, 2014

Fitness Friday: Week 9 in review.

Week 9? That is blowing my mind right now. How has it been nine weeks, because I 
couldn't tell you. Last week I said I wanted to focus on running 1.5 miles three time a week. I'm quite pleased to tell you I have done just that! This week I just want to keep it up...
Working out is funny, by doing so you want to eat smarter because you've worked out and when you eat healthy you have more energy to workout. So clever these bodies of ours. This week I also want to mention how the mental game can effect your health. No, I'm not delving into the incredibly large topic of mental health and mental disorder, I want to talk about something a little simpler than that. I noticed that after getting some new clothes and a new pair of TOMS I felt good. Not like that superficial good that lasts until about the time you unload the shopping bags at home and the rush fades. I'm talking about that pep-in-your-step feeling. It's strange how treating yourself to something material can have a powerful effect on your thought process. I had these beautiful new things and I wanted to feel/look good in them and I felt good in them so I found that entering my thoughts as I started a run. Just yesterday I put on my new jeans, shoes an old Lakers t-shirt and a messy bun, I did a fun makeup look and went to a new out-door mall that opened in Vegas. I walked around, by myself, on opening day and stopped by the brand new Sephora and had a look. I just felt good. I knew I had been working out, my anxiety has been down because of that and I felt nice in my outfit even though it was casual. Some may say that shopping to feel good is bad, and it can be, depending on your motives and whether you are filling a void or doing it additively (I said I wasn't going to talk about mental disorder and I've touched on GAD and Addiction. Good job! ) but it can also be good to invest into how you present yourself to the world and to invest in your person, because buying a new pair of shoes may just be bigger than that, it may make you feel like you deserve to take care of yourself in other ways, it could make you feel worthy of nice things or it could just make a long walk while wondering a new, busy mall alone a little more comfy and pleasant.

Do you ever feel like new clothes or makeup, etc...give you a new outlook on things?
Tell me about it in the comments and remember sometimes it's just healthy to treat yourself, you deserve it. Have a beautiful weekend!
xoxo, Amanda

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