Monday, October 27, 2014

iPhone 6 Sonix Phone Case Review

 I was reading The Zoe Report, fashion stylist, fashion designer, fashion everything, 
Rachel Zoe and team's blog about all things, you guessed These days that includes phone cases. My dad says you can tell a lot about what a person values (style over comfort etc..) and what they're like by their shoes. I would agree, but argue that you may be able to tell even more by a phone case. The point being that as any well done blog can, they tempted me with the new iPhone6 cases with this blog post here and I purchased.
 After seeing one of Sonix cases there I perused the Sonix site and ended up picking the Hello Daisy (Gold) $39.99. The funniest thing about this is that I haven't upgraded to the iPhone6 yet as I'm unable to until next month due to cell phone contracting. (First world problems.) But, the case has arrived and I figured I would show you guys this super cute iPhone6 case.
 It reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume with it's golden daisy print. That perfume is my signature scent and Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer, so, I mean, come on, I had to have it. haha
The packaging is too cute, with a black, gold and white box; yes, I know packaging has nothing to do with the actual phone case, but this is the beauty community and you know we do love us some packaging. The phone case itself is made of a flexible, yet sturdy plastic that's scratch resistant. It has a lip around the screen to protect it if you were to drop it face down. It would not add much bulk to the phone and has texurized, shock absorbing sides to improve grip while the back is clear. Though they say "Don't sacrifice style for protection" you do a bit as this is in no way an OtterBox. I feel comfortable putting a new phone in this and carrying it around with confidence.

I hope you like this little tech post and that it helps you find the perfect phone case for 
your sense of style. Sonix also carries Samsung and LG cases along with the iPhone cases and other accessories and offer free U.S. shipping. Do you prefer protection or fashion when it comes to cases for your phone, or maybe something in between? Tell me your thoughts, I love hearing them!
xoxo, Amanda


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