Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unexpected Autumn Lip Colors

I am not just a blogger, but, a blog reader I've been seeing a lot of berry/plum lips happening.
Now, don't get me wrong every year I am wearing them too, occasionally I go rogue in the summer and wear them then too. But I also have some alternative shades to suggest if you are not a berry-toned fan or even if you are.
Melt: By Starlight This ultra matte, true/grape purple shade and is a bit of a twist on a berry lip for fall, a bit more of an edge to a more traditional shade. I did a full review post here on Melt lipsticks.

Kat Von D: Lovecraft is my favorite nude. I wore the original formula for about two and a half years and now the matte. Then the, she who shall not be named, *cough* Kardasian *cough* lip became a sweeping hit and it just so happens this matches perfectly. The matte formula is not drying and last amazingly.

MAC: Chatter-box is a soft, slightly dusty, pink with the Amplified texture. It's really smooth and buttery so a lip pencil would be wise with this one, but it feel great on and looks perfect with a smokey eye.

Lush Cosmetics: Santa Baby Lip Tint has a Fair Trade Shea Butter base and cherry cola scent. It adds a nice cherry tint to the lips that I think creates a look that reminds me of the natural hue the lips turn when you're out in the cold with a little bit more.

I hope you've liked this quick little post. What are your favorite lip colors for fall and
do you wear a bold lip or a nude in the fall/winter months more. Tell me in the comments! 
xoxo, Amanda

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