Friday, November 14, 2014

Fitness Friday: Eating Right

I have been so busy lately, as I mentioned in one of my last posts the company
 I work for has opened up another two stores in the Las Vegas valley and I am so happy to have been a part helping them open, but it has kept me busy, between that and my blog and just life in general. I am now at the location that I will be staying at and a plus to being in this new spot is that there are much healthier options for food around. I realized the other day I had not been eating enough good foods throughout my days. Now I have a smoothie place super close, along with a Chipotle (I love their salads) and couple coffee places with healthier choices. I also have been working on picking better snacking options and I am feeling the benefits. Dried seaweed is a long time favorite and I have been switching out my second cup of coffee for a fruit smoothie with kale.

Here's to picking the right foods and enjoying them. What is your favorite
healthy food/snack? I'm always looking for new ideas on yummy, healthy things to eat, so please tell me in the comments.
xoxo, Amanda

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