Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting Organized

As with any freelance makeup artist/beauty blogger you tend to acquire a large amount of 
makeup and as I do other peoples makeup as well the collection goes far beyond even my skin tone. Foundations many times over in the same formula, tools that are just for my kit and things that are all can all feel like it's taking over your life and home, thus a trip to find organization was in order. I know a lot of beauty collectors use the Alex drawer set from Ikea and I looked into it, but as there is no Ikea in my neck of the woods and the shipping would be over $50. I decided to look elsewhere. My mom and I took our search to World Market and we found some gems!
First off I saw this cute little tool box/milk bottle carrier (I couldn't find a link to this color) that is 100% up my alley, but I thought "What would I use this for?" and of course my mom came up with the smart idea of putting Mason Jars in it and storing my clean brushes in them and sorting it by brush type. She's too clever sometimes. This now sits on my makeup desk and keeps all my brushes nice and tidy. 
Then we found this vintage style rolling cart. I had hoped that the store would carry it and they did and on sale! (I'm considering a second purchase.)It has four shelves that are a basket style, metal bottom. 

Shelf 1) Foundations, primers, concealers, correctors illuminators and tools. (above)
Shelf 2) Blushes, powders, bronzers, contour colors.
Shelf 3) Eye shadow palettes and eye pencils
Shelf 4) Mascaras, dusting powders, lipstick palettes and a bit of this and that. 
Now this has not completely solved all my makeup sorting, thus the need to consider the before mentioned second purchase, but it has helped a lot. I found myself getting really stressed about my makeup room getting out of hand and I now feel as though it has been reined in and I feel better about how to organize it moving forward.

I hope this has given you some ideas on getting your makeup (if you need this level 
of storage) organized and accessible. What are your favorite ways to keep your beauty stash organized? Tell me, I love hearing from you guys! 
xoxo, Amanda

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