Monday, December 1, 2014

Cute & Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping

Last year I found a little something out...not all traditional wrapping paper is recyclable. 
For years I thought it was, but no, due to the metallic bits and sparkles on some wrapping you can't recycle it. I was so sad, I felt so wasteful. So last year I said I wanted to find a better way and sometimes the best way to move forward is to go go vintage. My inspiration was the magic of receiving a package as a kid (or from Charlotte Tilbury and Sephora) and I pictured old fashioned parcels, just a bit of plain brown paper and twine, both of which are recyclable and have a certain mystery about them.
First I took a trip to the hardware store and grabbed a roll of Contractors or Masking Paper. I got an 18in x 180ft roll for $3.97. This is more than I could use this year so everyone had better be expecting this for birthdays too. haha Then I grabbed a roll of Bundled Twine, 525ft of it for $3.98 The tags I used were left over from last year so I couldn't find the exact same ones but I think any tags like these are cute and they're great because the ones you use for the family members in your home can be saved and reused for the next year. Lastly I headed to Michaels Craft Store to get Christmas stamps and ink pads. I got a Merry Christmas Stamp $7.79, Christmas Mini Stamps $11.99,  Red ink pad $6.99, Tri color metalic ink pad $6.99 and the Rainbow in pad $7.46 (I couldn't find a link for this through Micheals so this ones link on Amazon.)
I then just stamped the paper in a pattern or in random ways and then you have homemade eco-friendly wrapping paper. Now keep in mind this paper is more stiff than traditional wrapping paper, but I like it quite a lot and it has that vintage feel I was going for.
For this one I wrapped the gift first and then stamped it so I could line the pop of color up just right.
The cozy feel that tips its hat to decades past is what I enjoy most about these presents. They feel to me to encapsulate the feeling of simplicity being enough to be grateful for...or the poetic/dramatic writer in me is reading too much into a simple package. Either way I hope you liked this post and that maybe it inspires you to go eco-conscious with your wrapping this year. All my best holiday wishes!

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