Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Two LUSH Ways to Mask Winter Skin, Hair & Scalp

I think whether you are dry, oily combination, or anything in between, every one's skin changes
 with the seasons; whether it becomes more balanced or freaks out completely, very rarely do I hear someone tell me there skin never changes at all. Skin is living so it's hard to imagine anything that is so sturdy, yet easily effected by water intake, humidity and every other thing you expose your skin to, that it would remain unchanged. The same goes for the hair and scalp (the scalp being a part of the body that gets far too little love, quite often, in my opinion. So, that's why I thought I'd share with you my two favorite fresh masks from Lush Cosmetics.

If you aren't too familiar with Lush's fresh masks, perhaps if you don't live by a Lush or simply haven't been into your nearest shop, they are super fresh, handmade face, hair and scalp mask and when I say fresh I mean refrigeration is required, and about that handmade business...well this batch of Hair Doctor was made by Dan on December 2nd and should be used by the 22nd. Fresh!
I have Psoriasis on my scalp and it flairs up from time to time and there are a few things I've found that greatly help, Hair Doctor being one of them. Hair Doctor is a deep cleansing hair and scalp treatment, it soothes my angry scalp and leaves it feeling so, so much better afterwards. I focus it on my scalp and then work the rest through my hair. Filled with Fullers Earth to break down build up on the hair and scalp, Peppermint to stimulate the scalp, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to soften locks, along with Chamomile Blue to soothe and Rosemary to balance the scalp. I put it on straight from the fridge and the cold mask is so relaxing and even more intense and stress relieving with the peppermint in it. In store only for $15.95
BB Seaweed is one of my all time favorite masks. It is filled with soothing ingredients like Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Rose and Bladderwrack Seaweed. It also is loaded with Ground Almonds to exfoliate and balancing Rosemary. And after all that some re-hydration is in order so there is also Honey and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lastly, Bentonite Gel; a clay from volcanic ash that not only detoxes the skin of dirt and oil but tightens skin, lessening fine lines. *angels sing* This mask is so good even if you have oily skin it would be wonderful to try and I find it to be great on break outs to soothe, reduce redness and the honey and patchouli is antibacterial! It is also great when you're sick, as it perks skin back up. In store only for $6.95

So, have you tried any Lush fresh masks? If so what's your favorite? Tell me in the comments!
I hope this post on masks is helpful for you and that your holiday season has been a delight thus far. 

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