Monday, January 19, 2015

Face of the Day: Simple Glam

Today I thought I'd give you a peak into my Bobbi Brown BBU Palette and a simple, glam look
that's fairly quick to do. I hope you all are having a great Monday and that you're week is off to a wonderful start. 
Bobbi Brown BBU Palette (The shades in the large wells are Bobbi Brown Stick foundation and the small wells have Corrector and Concealer) I used several shades to contour my face.
I kept the brows softer on this look, as I wanted to keep it a bit more modern and a strong brow and strong lip can look more retro (which I also love) in my opinion. I love the Bobbi Brown stick foundation for really healthy looking skin. (depotted in the BBU palette) This foundation is so creamy and natural looking which I think is just right for this time of year leading into spring.

I hope you've enjoyed this FOTD and that you have a beautiful day. I am thinking about
doing a full post on the BBU palette. I'm not sure if anyone wants to know more about it since it's a bit of a pro item. Do you want to see more? Tell me in the comments! And as always...

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